Friday, November 30, 2012

Junior High Dance

What could be more fun than a junior high dance?  Anna was determined not to go, but her dad talked her into it and in the end she was very excited.  She wanted him to take her in his fancy sports car.  They are on the way now.  It will be fun to hear how it all went.
I spent the day digging my way out of piles of papers and had things mostly under control by the end.  Then, as I was leaving, I heard good news on a project that I've been helping out with for another teacher.  Hopefully everything will be finalized by the end of next week and I can tell you all about it officially.  The kids will be gone all day tomorrow at a Lego tournament.  I wonder what I will find to do?

Buried Alive

Do you ever just start to feel so overwhelmed by the to do list that you just throw it all in a big stack and start working down from top to bottom like an archeological dig? Welcome to my Friday!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wee Wednesday - Four Winds

This one was applique with lots of little bits.  It was all prepped and ready to carry along for Thanksgiving vacation.  Sydney was nice enough to hold it for me while driving along.  Obviously the edges need to be trimmed, but it turned out pretty well I think.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tiny Tuesday - Evening Star

 This one is called evening star and was paper pieced in four sections before the border was added on with the dreaded inset seams.  I need to tighten up the bit on the inside where the stitches must have come loose form tearing out the paper. 
This is block number 81 from the midget series available at Sentimental Stitches.  Check out the tab at the top of my blog for a page with all my little baby blocks.  Though I am officially done making new blocks, each finished piece will still get its own post for the sake of history.  Honestly it is just a way of keeping track.  More for my own sense of organization than anyone else's.  So everything is scheduled up for the rest of the year in a combination of Tiny Tuesday, Mini Monday and the all new Wee Wednesday edition that helped it all work out even in the end.  Ta Da!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mini Monday - Indian Hatchet

This is an odd little block that used up random scraps of brown fabric.  I'm not sure quite how it ended up not being a square, but there it is, with all its rectangleness.  

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Last Block

I just finished the last Midget Block.  Last block for me that is, there are more blocks being released now, but mine will be done at 144 blocks.  Done.  After two and a half years of one block a week.  I procrastinated all afternoon, cleaning and organizing and generally stalling instead of finishing off the one last block.  It is done now, and all that remains is the final sashing, trimming and sewing together of blocks.  I am sitting here a little sad right now.  Kathy wrote today about taking the last few stitches of her happy quilt very slowly, enjoying each one, knowing that she was almost finished.  I had to smile, because I am feeling the same way about my own Tiny Tuesday blocks.  Not to fear, not all the blocks have posted yet, so there will still be blocks through the end of the year.  Then it will be time to think seriously about my next big adventure in quilting.  Rainbow Scrap Challenge Dear Jane is officially in the works.  

Craziest Idea Yet

I was stitching away on the Dear Jane blocks in the car thinking about how big they seemed.  I thought a mini version would be cuter.  These little guys will finish at 2.5 inches.  What do you think?  I made them in red and green thinking they could turn into a small Christmas wall hanging.  Emphasis on the word small of course.  

Slow Stitching Sunday

It feels great to be home again for another Slowpoke Sunday at Kathy's Quilts.  I took the time before we left for Thanksgiving to get some prep done for lots of applique on the go.  So here are three of the last Midget blocks together with the first batch of Dear Jane Blocks.  The four on the top are all stitched, while the bottom three are still in process.  While I was stitching away at these blocks, they seemed so BIG to me.  I am I crazy to start thinking about making them in a smaller size?
I am already starting to hear from people making plans for next year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I've got the Dear Jane planned as one of my projects for sure.  If anyone else is thinking about it, the Dear Jane website is a good place to start, though I think That Quilt blog has great information and tutorials.  You'll need the book of course.  I have the software as well, though it isn't necessary, It does make it handy for printing off templates and paper piecing patterns, especially in different sizes.  Not that you need to take on Dear Jane to participate in the RSC13 of course, any rainbow themed scrap friendly block will do.  

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Scraphappy Saturday

I love that people are starting to finish up their rainbow scrap projects for this year and even plan ahead for next year. Some people will still need another color or two to round out their block selection. While their is not an official color coming for December, there are still some unexplored wedges on the color wheel. How about mint or lime green? Hot pink and peach are both nice colors. I know I am still overrun with blue. Maybe something in the pastel or Robbins egg area? My best suggestion is to pile your scraps all together and see what screams to be used. I must admit that I have unofficially started on a rainbow scrap challenge dear Jane for next years challenge. I get so much appliqué done on long car trips that I finished off my last Midget handwork and didn't want to be without. I am thinking of using up the scraps from that in some nice rainbow postage stamps.
Use the linky below to share your own progress or plans.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone in the US is having a relaxing day. We are celebrating with Kurt's family in Georgia, and as we will not see them again this year, we are celebrating Christmas as well. I haven't had much time to check in with people today, but I have stitched quite a few Midgets along the way.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve

It is the day before the turkey festivities and we are on the road again. With just 4 empty spots on the Midget wall I spent some time last night prepping the first batch of rainbow scrap challenge dear Jane blocks in case I run out of stitching. I am looking forward to having some quiet time in the car to get lots done.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tiny Tuesday - Windflower

 This is Midget Block number 81 which is called Windflower.  The applique bits were all ready to hand-sew during the first presidential debate. 
These posts are being scheduled ahead of time and I have enough Tuesdays planned so that this one won't come out until after the election.  Right now every one is going on about how well Romney did in the debate.   I wonder how it turned out?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mini Monday - Cat's Cradle

 This is Midget Block Number 101. As you can probably tell from the less than pointy triangles, it was traditionally pieced.  Fortunately, the contrast is also very low, so the mistakes will blend in better.  That's my story -- I think it is a good one.
As soon as I finished the block and brought it out to take a picture, Anna came running down the stares to be my model.  

Design Wall Monday - November 19, 2012

The Midget Blocks are getting SO CLOSE to being done.  I have 5 more prepped and ready for handwork during the Thanksgiving holiday, which means I only need 1 MORE block.  I MORE!!!  There are still a couple of rows in need of sashing, but I've got an entire month between Thanksgiving and Christmas to get them all sewn together.  Can't decide yet how to quilt this one.  It is calling for hand quilting.    After two and a half years of making one block a week, I'll let it tell me how it should be finished.  We've grown quite close during that time.  It will almost be sad to be done with my mini blocks.  Almost.

I so wanted to finish that one last block today, but life got in the way.  First up was the big Super Bowl game.  The last flag football game of the season.  The Lightning up against the Cyclones for bragging rights and a HUGE trophy.  Just one amazing play decided the game, unfortunately it was for the other team.  So many sad faces.  Ryan did come home with two trophies though, one for participation and one for having straight A's.  After that Kurt took the girls to the fair while I brought Ryan home.  I actually sat down at the machine and pulled out the pattern for another block before he made arrangements to meet a friend at the park.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.  Breezy and warm in the sun with just a little bit of a chill as the sun started to go away.  Very similar to Saturday actually, when I also spent a big chunk of the afternoon sitting at the park watching kids play.  There is a reason we live in Florida.  I suppose I'll have to find some long pants and coats for the kids when we go North for the Holidays.  Brrrr

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Prepping for Handwork on Sunday

One of the keys to getting handwork done is having it prepped and ready to go.  I spent last weekend flying back and forth to Atlanta without a single stitch to sew because I was too busy to get it ready ahead of time.  So with holiday car trips to visit family on the horizon, I am spending some time now getting ready.
New Midget Blocks are being released weekly.  I was happy to see that there were appliqué blocks in the mix and printed those off right away.  There is one more that will be hand pieced with lots of little set in seams.  Add a little "handwork on the go" tin with bobbins of various colors of thread, thimbles, needles and such and I should be able to sew the miles away.  I hope everyone else is taking a few minutes to slow down and sew a stitch or two on Sunday.  Head over to Kathy's blog to see other people's slow stitching.  

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sophistication in Shades of Grey

Grey in a appropriate color around here lately.  We've had fog and drizzle, followed by a giant rainbow balanced out the dreariness.  I must admit that I haven't gotten much done with my own shades of grey blocks this month, but I think today is the day.  How about you?  Almost done with all the odds and ends.  Any thoughts on who still needs more blocks and who is ready to start finishing up?  I have a few colors to play catch up with, so that is my plan for next month.  Use the linky below to share your progress so far or plans for next month, then take a few minutes to check out everyone else's posting.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tiny Tuesday - Old Mississippi

 Do you ever look at old quilt blocks and wonder about the name.  I wonder why this one was called Old Mississippi.  Is there a new Mississippi somewhere?  This block was paper pieced in two sections, and except for trying to sew on of the sections on rotated, it went together pretty easily.  Though it looks symmetrical, the red corner parts are different sizes, so the orientation of the blocks does matter. 
Sydney took a break from her reading to hold it up for me.  Isn't she a cutie?
I will spend the day digging myself out from being gone for the three day weekend.  It was so nice to get to visit with Mom for a while.  She seems to be doing just fine despite her recent medical trials.  While I was in Georgia we all finished off her Christmas shopping, cleared out a bunch of stuff for Goodwill and did the prep work for bunches of sewing that she wants to do for the Holidays.  A mountain of grading waits for me at school, I think today is the last day of the first half of the marking period which means I'b better get it all caught up sooner rather than later.  Fortunately it is only a three day week and since Monday is the most hectic day of the week right now, it should be smooth sailing until Thanksgiving.  Just two days next week means I'd better plan strategically to figure out what I can get in before the holiday.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mini Monday - Album

 This is block number 95.  I seem to be going out of order more and more, but I was in the mood for some nice simple non paper piecing and this block fit the bill nicely.
Just simple little 1.5 inch squares with a few triangles to form the edges.  Ryan was my block model today, he thought the arial point of view added a nice perspective to the shot.  

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Gloomy Grey

Though I am out of town this weekend, I hope that you are all finding lots of fun with shades of gray.  I hope to be able to check in with you all while off visiting my mom.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Prep Work

 I am hanging out watching election returns and doing some Midget Block prep work.  Deb was kind enough to let me know that two of the newly published blocks are applique.  As I have a trip coming up next weekend, some applique to do on the plane will be a nice thing to have ready. 
I was a bit worried about long lines when going to vote today.  I knew I would not have a chance until late.  The lines were REALLY long for early voting on Saturday though and I was willing to risk it.  I walked right in this evening, and as I had already filled out my ballot and googled anyone I didn't know, I zoomed right through and walked out right right away.  So now Lizzie and I are hanging out on the couch flipping through the stations and seeing who is winning and who is loosing.  Florida was supposed to go red -- it is looking blue right now.  Any predictions?

Tiny Tuesday - Japanese Garden

 This is Midget Block number 80.  It is called Japanese Garden and is paper pieced in five sections.  It is an odd little block, but it is finished with a minimum of fuss.  I am starting to miss my applique blocks, but I think there is one coming up again soon.
I tried fussy cutting the pieces to focus in on certain patterns in the fabric.  Not too bad, right?  See the little stripe down the middle of the blue, and the peach was part of a bigger allover pattern.  I'm still posting ahead, as soon as I get to the end of the year I'll double back and start doubling up.  Tiny Tuesday AND Mini Monday?  It could happen.  The big question now, will it be done by the end of the year?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Design Wall Monday - November 5, 2012

I worked on geese this weekend.  And then I worked on more geese.  Lots of geese.  I am about half done with the 600 geese and then I will put everything together.  Maybe not this week, but soon for sure.  I was running low on pink for the sky but dug a bunch out of the scrap basket from the backs of several recent quilts.  Finishing quilts liberates so many scraps and infusions of fresh fabric are just what some projects need to keep moving forward.  Head over to Judy's blog to see what everyone else managed to get up on their design walls this weekend.  

Mini Monday - Rope and Anchor

This one was supposed to be done in pink. I seem to have a lot of pink blocks on the wall though and decided to make this one in green.  It was traditionally pieced which is nice change of pace from all the paper piecing.
I think the intersection of the white stripes and triangles make it look like little double headed arrows.  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scraphappy Saturday in Shades of Grey

The dark colors are all finding a home at the end of the year.  Whether you have the full spectrum from light grey all the way to black or just a few bits, now is the time to pull them all out and find a nice home for them.  If you are empty in this bin, then now is the time to start putting it all together.  November marks the beginning of the end of the year, so it is not too soon to start thinking about tying up all of the loose ends.  If you need a few more blocks to finish off your tops, don't be afraid to look at your owns scraps and get rid of whatever there is a lot of.  Whatever you are up to, use the linky below to share your progress.

Friday, November 2, 2012

What a Week

Oh my goodness!  Some weeks are a nice stroll and others are a mad dash.  This one has been a marathon and a half.  I am so glad it is finally Friday.  This is the last month of the year with an assigned Rainbow Scrap Challenge color.  Next month is set aside for either putting projects together or finishing up your odd ball scraps.  So without further ado this month is devoted from the black to grey spectrum.  Happy sewing!