RSC 21 Sampler

 Full Stop

There will be a punctuation themed row by row quilt along available for 2021.  Each month will feature a random length rows of punctuation marks which will be joined together at the end of the year to make a quilt.   

Feel free to modify the plans to fit your needs.  Each row can be longer or shorter depending on how many scraps you have of each color.   The idea is to be flexible and work with what you have.   

January - Pink - Hashtag Block

February - Yellow - Quotation Marks or Alternate Quotations

March - Green - Brackets

April - Bright Blue - Asterisks

May - Red - Exclamation Points Blocky or Exclamation Points Angled

June - Purple - Semi Colon Blocky or Semi Colon Fancy

July - Darks - Colon

August - Teal - Question Mark

September - Dash

October - Full Stop

November -  Block assembly

December - Quilting


Danice G said...

Sounds like fun. Having missed the last couple of years, I want to join-in this year for the RSC.

Julia Smith said...

What is February colour?

Rita Job said...

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