Saturday, July 29, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday - Binding Time

I am going to enjoy binding time today.  We just got back from Jamaica and I haven't quite gotten back into the swing of things.  
Then I need to dig into some reds, because on Tuesday we will pulling out the yellow.  I am not overwhelmed with the sunnier side of the rainbow, so it should be a good month for me to play a little catch up.   School starts on Wednesday for teachers, so there will be a big shift in my immediate day to day.  I never fully got into summer mode this year, so it won't be as much of an adjustment as usual.   Our new history standards are making national news, and clearly we are still having a teacher shortage around here, but we are so close to being fully staffed before the first day at my school.   Wish us all luck!

Saturday, July 22, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday - Quilting!


I've been quilting!  This one is a girl scout t-shirt quilt for a customer.  
This one was leftover blocks from a couple of quilts with 9 patches of 1 inch strips.  There is a still a bag of leftovers that might turn into a pot holder or a placemat of some sort.  First though, lots and lots of binding to enjoy.  

What are your scraps turning into this month?

Saturday, July 15, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday Summer Fun

 It is finally starting to feel like summer.  I have been working a few hours most days, but yesterday I had an actual at home all day vacation day and it was so lovely!

I have been busy sewing hexies together into rows.  So far I have finished red orange and yellow.  I really don't have a lot of orange fabrics!  I will see what I can find to bulk up that row a bit.  It has been so nice to settle in with a movie and sew in the air conditioning.  

It is HOT out there.  I try to get out before it heats up in the morning, because once the sun is fully up it just starts to bake.  

We have enjoyed beach walks though, with toes dipped in the water it doesn't feel so warm.  There are all sorts of turtles swimming in the ocean and birds hanging out in the sand.  

I also made good progress on this t-shirt quilt.  If is for the same lady who had me make a quilt for her daughter's wedding last summer.   This one is girl scout themed.  I am not sure if I like the green that I had on hand for the lattice.  I might try something else.  

How is your sewing coming along.  We are halfway though July already! 

Saturday, July 8, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday

Our visit to the cabin was a busy one. Lots of work, but still time for relaxation.  Our neighbors with a tractor volunteered to come and help us tear out a broken walkway.   It was quite a production.  
Anna and I canned some jams made from fresh picked wineberries.  She also whipped up some pickled onions.  I cut a lot of firewood from downed trees and branches.  We got a new chain saw and it works so much better than the tiny one I was using before.  The right tool makes all the difference.  Kind of like having a nice fresh rotary cutting blade.  Kurt built me a new rack to hold the stacked logs after I filled up the two that we had.     
We had been planning to visit Carowinds on the way home.  You may have seen the broken roller coaster in the news.  It was one of the kids favorites,  Since it will be closed for a while, we all posed for a photo instead.  Right there where are fingers are pointing is the temporary weld that is covering the big old crack in the support beam.   
There were plenty of other roller coasters though.  We let the kids enjoy the rides, age has made us less resilient than we used to be, so we spectated and took photos instead.  
It is always nice to be home again.  I said that I would go in to work a bit this week, but then it will be back into vacation and sewing mode again.  I  polished off a bunch of hexies in the car.  No photo of those, but I will try to get them all up on the design wall soon to take stock.   How are your reds coming along?   

Saturday, July 1, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday - Happy July

It's July!  I am looking forward to red this month.  Something vibrant seems just right.  We are at the cabin this week doing lots of manual labor.  There has been wood cutting, rock hauling and assorted chores keeping us all busy.   Kurt installed a new window successfully.  We got an estimate from a contractor and decided that was a project we could definitely try to do on our own.  The first attempt went well enough that I think we will just slowly work our way through the worst ones.  

We did get a dumpster delivered and have almost filled it in two days with the collected debris that has been collecting on the property for at least the last three decades.   It is red in honor of the color for July!  We were successful yesterday in using the UTV to winch a washing machine up the side of the ravine.  It was quite exciting!  There were several pieces of a target practice deer form that got tossed in and the head ended up poking up at us over the edge of the dumpster. His one remaining eye is following at us as we roam around the property.  There was lots of hand sewing of hexies that got accomplished in the car, but sadly, no photos.   I brought up a machine though, so a sewing space is on the list of projects.  It is a long list, but we are making good progress!