Tuesday, December 11, 2018


I was only going to quilt until the bobbin ran out.  Instead, it was the top thread that was the limiting factor.  It is my favorite color too.  I nice rich caramel color that blends with all kinds of scrap quilts.  I'm sure that I can find some more, but for now, I will take it as a sign to call it a night.  The last push before exams is underway as we all rush to finish up the semester and wrap it all up before winter break.  I think that Ryan has just finished his last college essay and Anna finished her last test of the semester this afternoon.  It is nice that there are such natural breaks in the school schedule.  I am looking forward to the holiday and some uninterrupted sewing time.  Next time I'll make just sure that I have a full spool of thread.  

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Playing with Patterns

I'm playing with EQ and working on plans for the new year.  If only I didn't have to go to work in the morning I'd be up until the wee hours making some practice blocks.  

Playing with My Button

Working on making a new button for 2019.  Step 1 is to post an image.  Back soon with more.
Ok, I think that worked.  I used the Grab button builder at Code it Pretty.  If someone could test it please I would appreciate it very much.  You should be able to just copy the code below the button over in the right margin and then paste it in as an HTML gadget on your own blog. 

Finishing Fun

The end of the year always kicks me into high gear as far as finishing.  I had a closet full of quilt tops ready and waiting in case we had another long school break for hurricanes, but thankfully that did not happen this year.  I think I finished 6 quilts during Irma last year.  I'm working hard to match that number, but without the extra 7 days off of school.  There are now three in the finished stack!  From top to bottom, Running Stitches, Four Patch Surprise and Oh My Stars.  All in need of binding.  There is definitely a movie marathon and hand stitching party in my future. 
Here is running stitches.  Two running themed fabrics that I ordered back when I was doing marathons.  I'm only doing halves now, which is a nice distance for me.  I always thought this one was too bright, which is why the finished blocks sat for so long.  I think that a lime or teal border will finish it off.  
 Here is the back.  I used up SO many strange bits and pieces here.  The long border print was part of Ryan's nursery ensemble.  I cut off a long strip to make a ruffle for his crib I think.  The yellow fabric in the upper left was from Sydney's nursery.  Then there are a few extra blocks and a few random fabrics that just seemed to fit in.
I got borders on Four Squared this morning.  It is all ironed and ready to load on the frame.  As soon as I pick up some batting that it.  I'm reaching the end of my usefully sized extras for piecing.  
 I just need to piece up the back first.  There is plenty of brown fabric there, but it just seemed like too much darkness.  So I pulled out a few more 16 patches to add a little color variety.  I'm linking up with Oh Scrap! this morning.  I can't think of much that I do that doesn't qualify as scrappy.  We are off to See Ralph Breaks the Internet as a family this morning.  Then Sydney wants to go short shopping so that her behind doesn't hang out quite so much.  After that, I need to flesh out the details for next year's RSC Sampler quilt.  Then I will get a quilt loaded on the frame.  I'm sure I can fit it all in there somewhere. 

Saturday, December 8, 2018


Scroll down one more post for ScrapHappy Saturday.  I usually try not to post anything right after so that it stays at the top of the blog feed, but I've had a brainstorm!  I've been pondering plans for next years Rainbow Scrap Challenge, wondering whether or not there would be a quilt this year.  I've so much enjoyed designing rainbow quilts through the years but didn't have a firm plan for next year yet.  So yesterday I was surfing google images for scrap quilts.  I almost settled on a sampler idea with multiple block sizes based on a gorgeous quilt from a Craftsy class.  That started to seem too complicated though and I moved on.  Too complicated can be a problem with a quilt-along.    I saw a couple of quilts with alternating straight set and diagonal set blocks.  I've always wanted to do one like that, and so it simmered overnight.  Then as I was standing at the quilting frame this morning, it all started to coalesce.  I tried a couple of different block sizes and started to remember how much fun I had during the old Tiny Tuesdays when I was making sampler blocks from Sentimental Stitches.  Then there were the Dear Jane blocks.  Those were a blast.  And so the two ideas came together into a Tiny Tuesday sampler quilt for the new year.  Now for the fun part.  I've enjoyed the collaboration part of quilt design through the years and wanted to incorporate that part into my new quilt.  I am, therefore, happy to invite those Rainbow Scrap quilters who might be interested to design one of the blocks for the Tiny Tuesday Sampler quilt.
The blocks can be traditional or modern in design.  They may include piecing or applique.  As long as they are not published patterns from another designer, anything will work.  Variety is the fun part after all.  The finished size is 4.5 inches.  I know -- tiny!  The setting is forgiving of minor block size variations and each block will be squared up to a final finished size of 7 inches in the sampler quilt.
So, if you are interested in designing a block, please leave a comment and think about which Tuesday might work for you.  I'll let you know the color ahead of time in case that makes a difference.  There will be a new block each Tuesday until October which will result in 48 quilt blocks.  That is enough for a large lap sized quilt which will finish at about 58 by 72 inches.  You may do fewer blocks for a smaller quilt and I will also publish plans for larger quilts in case you want to add more blocks to your collection.  A king would take 196 blocks and finish at 113 inches square.  I will start a new page and make PDF files for each block so that the patterns are all together in on place.  

ScrapHappy Winding Down

Another year begins to wind down and finishing is in full swing for many who have been working on year-long projects. I hope that you are finding a few minutes of calm in a busy holiday season.  Please share with us all so that we can celebrate your projects and begin to ponder plans for the new year.
I've got two in the finished stack so far and another on the frame.  If I can make it out to get more batting there are plenty more in the queue.  It promises to be a nice quiet weekend at home.  What a treat! I think I should celebrate by quilting something. 


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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Finishing Fun

I just finished off Four Patch Surprise!  It only needs binding.  It isn't a large quilt, just a way to use up lots and lots of extras 
 Here is the back.  You can see the quilting a bit more here.  Smallish meander in the background with an alternating sort of linear maze in the four patches.  I think I can get another quilt loaded up on the frame, but I fear that I am almost out of batting.  I might just be able to piece together enough to eke out one more quilt before heading out to a store.  Wish me luck!
I haven't exactly been super active today, but yesterday I got more than my fair share of exercise during the Orlando half marathon.  It went even better than the last one even though my running partner seems to have caught the cold that I have finally gotten rid of.  We both felt good at the end though and finished 15 minutes earlier than our last race.   Not that we are super speedy by anyone's definition, but I was glad to be out there putting one foot in front of the other.  

Saturday, December 1, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - And so Begins the End

It is already December!  It is hard to believe how quickly another year has zoomed by.  I hope this month will represent some finished projects for you all.  I know that I am planning on finishing some things off this month to try to start the new year with a few projects crossed off the list to make room for something new next year.
I finished quilting Oh My Stars right before Thanksgiving and Lizzie has been keeping me company while I sew down the binding in the evenings.  I'm off this morning running a half marathon.  Though I am finally feeling better after being sick for weeks and weeks, my running partner seems to have caught a bug now.  She is still running, but it might be a slow and steady kind of race.  We are having lovely fall weather right now, so at least we won't have to worry that it will be too hot if we don't finish right away.  We have strange problems in Florida, I know.  I'll check back in with everyone this afternoon to see how the beginning of the end is going for you.


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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Quilting on a School Night

 Academic team crushed the competition last night at the district championship!  Sometimes they don't do well under pressure.  Last night was not one of those times.  They won easily and I couldn't be more proud of how well they played.  Three from my team will combine with three from other schools to make the all-star team which goes on to the state competition.  I'm glad to have a short break though as those practices won't start until after winter break.  A free Monday evening will be a nice change of pace.
I had to get in a quick run tonight to make sure I'm all ready for my race this weekend, but after that, I popped into the sewing room to get a quick start on the framed four patch quilt.  I got in one row and now am calling it a night.  Kurt brought me some hot chocolate when he came home from volleyball.  It got chilly today and hot chocolate sounds just perfect to take off the chill.  I hope you are all staying warm as well.  It sounds like lots of people are getting some real winter weather and not the fake seasons that we have here in Florida.  

Monday, November 26, 2018

Crossing More Off the List

It didn't take long after my sister's family was gone to have the quilting frame set up again and loaded with a quilt.  It has been sitting there for months unused, but now I am in a mode and ready to finish some quilts off before the end of the year.  I have a bunch of projects hanging in the closet, each with a little note reminding me what is going on.  This one said that framed four patch top was done and back was pieced and ready for quilting.  I was lucky to find enough batting to sandwich it up without even having to piece.  After this one though I'll have to start whip stitching some extra batting or do a bit of shopping.  I briefly pondered braving the Black Friday sales to stock up but decided against.  I'm not all out yet.  So I've got several shades of neutral thread to ponder and the quilting can start any minute.  Well, maybe not any minute.  School starts again tomorrow, and it is the last academic team competition on the year.  Maybe Tuesday though?  In any case, it is all ready and waiting whenever there is time again.