Saturday, July 21, 2018

Scrappy Happy Red Day

 We saw 4 states on our family Yellowstone trip.  This was obviously, Idaho.
 We stayed at a ranch east of the park in Wyoming.
 Which is also where the Grand Tetons where.  Sydney thought the name was hilarious.  She is taking French in School.
Check out these moose chilling in a meadow.  The kids eye spied them on a hike and we tiptoed on by.  
We also stayed in West Yellowstone which is part of Montana and flew in and out of Salt Lake City where we visited Temple Square and listened to an organ concert at the tabernacle.  After all that it was fabulous to come back home again and sleep in my own bed again!
For me it really is a red letter day.  It is a scrappy Saturday and I am home!  It feels like ages since that has happened.  Nothing on the schedule, chores caught up, and ready to sew!  Even though my main project this week was finishing up Anna's blue dorm room quilt, I managed to finish a gigantic stack of leaders and enders while I was putting all the blocks together in just the right order.  Some of them were even red!


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Friday, July 20, 2018

Binding Time

 I just finished sewing the binding onto Anna's dorm room quilt.  I'm settled in now with Princess Bride on HBO ready for the hand stitching.

  It has been great to have a few days at home.  In between sewing there have been exciting summertime projects like organizing the tupperware an scrubbing the tile.  I just got my welcome back letter from school.  Still a few days to go though, so I'll enjoy them while I can. 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Back to Quilting

I was happy to see that the ScrapHappy Saturday post went up as planned.  It is always a little scary to be away from all technology and know that there isn't any way to fix a problem if it pops up.  By Saturday, we were on our way back from Yellowstone to Salt Lake City getting ready to fly home again.  I'll post some vacation pictures soon, but for now I have quilting updates.  
It feels good to be back home again and to have time to spend in front of the sewing machine. It has taken the better part of the last three days to get Anna's dorm room quilt to the flimsy stage.   
 We ordered some extra wide backing fabric for the reverse.  I think there will be enough leftover for pillow shams. 
 The half hexie pattern was slow and required lots of starts and stops.  These are all the leader and ender squares I finished while making sure all the pieces lined up row by row.  I'm just about out of 2.5 inch squares.  The four patches will be joined into 16 patches and add to the collection of blocks for later. 
While emptying photos off of the good camera, I found 429 pictures of Sydney playing lacrosse.  Her summer season if over and she is chilling at home doing not much of anything for the next few weeks until school starts again.  

Saturday, July 14, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday

I am scheduling this ahead and hoping that it works.  I didn't have great luck last time I tried, and so if the linky is broken, maybe you could leave a link in the comments?  We are on a family vacation right now visiting Yellowstone and Grand Teton out west.  We are going to be home tomorrow though, so if there is a problem, I promise to fix it then.  I'll also be sure to show lots of pictures of mountains and geysers and such.  There is going to be rafting and horseback riding and rodeoing.  The kids are even willing to hike with us.  They hate to hike, but they are willing to humor us old folks for a few miles along the way.  I have my handwork zipper case in my carryon, so hopefully a hexie or two will get accomplished along the way. 


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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday Puttering

The girls had a garage sale this weekend which led to some much needed tidying up and clearing out.  We let them keep any money they made, so the motivation level was high.  While moving things around, I found this blue Dear Jane block from last summer which just needs a little bit of hand work on the applique.  Most of the block was paper pieced, but the triangles at the bottom need a bit of slow stitching time. 
Ryan is having a birthday party today, and though I am mostly trying to stay out of the way, I pop out every now and again to make sure people have something to drink and to refresh the snacks.  In between that, I've been getting rid of junk mail by turning it into move hexies for my slow stitching project.  Anna punched them for me while I was working on her quilt for a bit, but she has moved on, leaving me to punch my own paper piecing templates.  It is actually quite fun to see what little bits of text show up while I am sewing the hexies diamonds together.  Sometimes it is a coupon for a discount on air conditioning and sometimes it is a new dentist offering free consultations.    It is nice to put all this wasted card stock to good use. 
The house is starting to look pretty spiffy with all of these summer projects.  I'm sure it will all be back to normal soon enough though.  Entropy has a way of getting the better of all of my good intentions.  Speaking of which, I think the laundry just buzzed.  I'll go move it along and then head over to visit Kathy for Slow Stitching Sunday.  

Saturday, July 7, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday

Welcome to the month of red!  In the heat of summer, red sounds just right.  Since it is the first Saturday, the new Squared Away pattern in also available from Mari.  So be sure to check it out.  I'll whip up a quick PDF version and post it here, as well as on the squared away tab at the top of the page.

I haven't jumped too much into red yet as Anna's blue dorm room quilt is taking up my design wall.  It is coming together slowly, row by row. 


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Sunday, July 1, 2018

New Month -- New Color

A new month is always an exciting time.  Nothing is more fun than a new color.  For July, it is time to roll out the reds.  Red with shades of maroon for darker accents if you need them.  Just in time for Canada day and for Independence day.  

Slow Sunday

 Nothing is better than a lazy Sunday!  As much as I picture summer vacation as a long string of lazy days, it never seems to work out that way.  I have gotten a lot done though, so a day of rest is definitely a great plan.  Today I will iron. 
I will trim
 And I will continue to add more blue hexies to the wall.  Slowly and steadily, the blue dorm room quilt is coming together. 
Most of my stitching so far this summer has been on the slow and steady hand work variety.  In fact, I really should get some more hexies ready to go.  We have a trip to Yellowstone coming up and there will be quite a bit of traveling time to get some more blocks sewn together.  If you want to see what other handwork is keeping everyone busy, head over to Kathy's quilts to see lots of lovely slow stitching.  

Saturday, June 30, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - Wrapping Up

I hope that you are able to wrap up all of your June plans.  July is just around the corner!  That makes is a holiday week for those of us in the US.  Best of all, a new color is coming up soon.   (July is going to be red with accents of maroon, in case you are planning ahead)  I've finally started working on Anna's dorm room quilt for college, it is blue.  She leaves is just a month and a half.  She chose a framed hexie pattern.  It goes together with half hexies made from jelly rolls.  She picked a beautiful collection of batiks to start and I've been adding in with strips from the scrap bin.  Everything is cut now, and the blocks are about half sewn at this point.  After that it gets sewn together in rows.
I heard noises at the front door and thought it might be a package delivery.  Turns out it was an armadillo checking out our front patio.  Just a little guy, isn't he cute?  Too bad they carry leprosy.  I hear that they taste like chicken.  Seriously, I would never do that.  Look at how adorable he is.  
Summer vacation always means work around the house.  I've been scrubbing baseboards and painting inside.  The screens isn't something I am able to do though, so we hired someone to come in and make repairs.  Four guys for two days had them looking as good as new again.  On the list for next is polishing wood floors and scrubbing tile.  Not the most glamorous summer vacation, but it has been productive. 

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Home Again and ScrapHappy

It feels like years since I've been home.  Boy does it feel good.  Kansas City was full of lots of AP essay reading.  Also one small active shooter event, so it is good that is over. 
Painting the inside walls of the house is my summer project, so I've gotten started on that, which means that I am tired and achy from climbing up and down ladders and crawling along baseboards.  It looks good though!  New paint really makes everything seem fresh and clean.  Anna is anxious for me to finish her college dorm room quilt, so that is next on the list. 
The linky party is below.  I hope to catch up with every ones projects today, it has been a while.


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