Saturday, March 26, 2022


The yellow blocks are done!  I didn't go quite as crazy as with the red, but there is a bit more going on this month.  I will enjoy putting away the yellow and digging into some pink for April. 
I was able to add a few more rows to the log cabin quilt.   It has spilled onto the second design wall.  Always a good sign of progress.   Our neighbors daughter is getting married in the back yard this weekend.  Kurt is just back from a trip to Virginia for the house inspection and a business trip.  Sydney is off to state science fair on Tuesday.   
Yesterday was the annual Wildcat Challenge for our junior and senior homerooms.   There was tug of war, wheel barrel races, volleyball and other fun for all field day games.   Prom is next weekend along with grad bash.  It is starting to feel normal again. 

Saturday, March 19, 2022

ScrapHappy Saturday - Happy Chaos

What a long strange week its been!  Spring break was busy and productive.  Last Saturday we began our driving tour of the Southeast with a drive to the kids favorite amusement park which is on the border of North and South Carolina.   It was quite chilly, but the girls had a great time and rode almost all the roller coasters.  Then the big event was a trip to Virginia Tech where Anna has definitely decided she would like to go to graduate school.  She said she had a good vibe with the professors she met, and would enjoy working on their research.  We all loved the area!  Kurt and I both grew up in college towns.  The energy and activity had us thinking back to the good old days.  

Then we drove over the eastern part of the state to look at some properties.   Kurt is working more out of the DC office and we are talking about having a home base nearby.   We traipsed around several properties in West Virginia on our own because our realtor does not have a license to sell properties there.  We found one with an amazing view, but it is quite far out from the city and the neighborhood was... rustic.   Then the next day we were scheduled to meet with the relator that Kurt had been working with online.   After several hours in his office sifting through the options we were finally off!   We had primarily been talking about property on which to build a log cabin like house.  Existing houses pop up from time to time, but always seem to disappear before we can have look.   We  did add one house to the list though, because it had an ideal location and we wanted a baseline for comparison.  That was the one that we fell in love with of course!   10 acres nestled on the edge of the Shenandoah National Park with a little house and plenty of space outside.  We are working through the paperwork now and nothing is final.   Wish us luck though.   We put in several bids on different places before successfully buying our beach home.  Hopefully we won't have to go through all of that again.  

Clearly there was lots of driving time between all those activities for hand sewing of hexies.  I am so happy to be back home with my machine again though and have almost finished off my yellow blocks for the month.  Misterlinky is below.  Please share your yellow progress with us all.  

Saturday, March 12, 2022

ScrapHappy Saturday - Sunny in Spring

Spring is here and its all been a rush so far.  Sydney has two lacrosse games a week right now.  Anna is trying to choose a graduate school program.  Ryan is trying to find an internship for the summer.   I am just trying to survive the rest of the school year.   This is our spring break week though, so I am sure that I will make it for a little bit longer.   We've been having walkouts over the "don't say gay" bill that the governor is ready to sign and people on both sides of the issue are angry.   There are lots of new parent's rights bills going into effect next year over what we must teach and must not teach.  Saying anything about anything is tricky at the moment.   Still, I did mention that this is our spring break week though, so all is well at the moment.   
My sewing for the next few days will be by hand as we all have a trip to Virginia in the works.   Grad school tour, meeting with a relator, enough festivities to make it feel like a vacation.   Lots of hexies to stitch by hand in the car.  I hope your yellow and golds are progressing nicely.  Please use Mr. Linky below so that we can all enjoy your projects.


Saturday, March 5, 2022

ScrapHappy Yellow Begins


And so begins a new month at Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I was happy to make enough progress with aqua to not feel bad putting it away to make room for the yellow and gold parade.  It is utterly a coincidence that the colors of the Uranian Flag are yellow and blue, but I plan to lean into that this month.  I am thinking a nice blue string block with a yellow Dresden Plate would be a fun idea to play with.  I will keep you posted of course!  I had just gotten to the point where all the yellow was out and starting to get organized when Anna decided to come home from college early for this weekends trip to Rhode Island which was a replacement for last weekends trip to Rhode Island which was cancelled due to snow.  She is there now, with her dad and I am getting regular updates on all the news.  Sydney is in Orlando at another science fair.  I drove her over last night for the set-up and she insisted that she was perfectly capable of driving herself there today.  She is also reporting in regularly with status updates. 

So far her board is set up and she is ready for judging to start at 9.  Notice the colors on her board, they represent the pigments that she extracted to construct dye-sensitized solar cells.  

So other than keeping tabs on everyone else, it should be a calm weekend to sew.   I found a nice stack of yellow HST unit all ready for the Carpenter's Star block.   I might try another version with a blue center star.  This is a huge block and would make a nice table topper on its own.

I hope that you are all looking forward to digging into yellow for March.   Misterlnky is below, please share your projects and plans with us all.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

March Color

 The March colors are yellow and gold.   Something bright and full of sunshine to welcome in spring and chase away the winter gloom.