Saturday, December 25, 2021

Last ScrapHappy Saturday of 2021

 I can not say that I am sad to see the end of 2021.   I celebrated a socially distanced Christmas morning today fully masked, sitting on the balcony outside of our family room.  Now I am facetiming with the family to play a group video game with me back in my quarantine corner and everyone else (still Covid negative) down at the kitchen table together.   Feeling pretty good though, after a few days of cold like symptoms and so grateful for knowing how much worse this could have all turned out.   

I'll be back soon with a year end update.  I did get quite a few flimsies finished this year if not completed quilts.  I enjoy going back to review as I dream of quilts for the new year.  

Friday, December 24, 2021

Day 5


Day 5 of my Covid quarantine and all is calm.  There is a lovely sunrise to see from the balcony.  

Plenty of hexies to add to my growing rows.  

The dog and I even ventured outside for long enough yesterday to spot an osprey with his lunch.  I was sure that I would test negative this morning in time to enjoy Christmas festivities with the family.   No such luck though I and I am secluded again in the main bedroom with hand sewing and movie marathons to pass the time.  

I feel a bit better today than yesterday, so maybe that is sign that the end is near.  Everyone else in the house keeps testing negative, so that is good news!  There is always a bright side.  

Saturday, December 18, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday - Anticipation

 I've got two of the three kids home for the holidays and the third should arrive tomorrow.  Just two exams days are left between me and winter break.   My task for the day is to put away the remainder of my sewing things from the kids/guest bedrooms and finish off the holiday gift shopping.   No sewing for me quite yet, though I do have some hexies and binding to occupy me if I get the urge.  I hope that all of your end of the year sewing is progressing nicely.  Hopefully everyone was able to squeeze a finish or two out of their rainbow scrap challenge block collections!  Next Saturday is Christmas, and the one after that will be the first Saturday of RSC22.   I will be continuing to host ScrapSaturday linky parties next year, though I do not have a block of the month planned.  I might do a shorter quilt along over summer break if things are calm, but for now, I don't have a long term quilt in the works other than monthly rainbow blocks.  So far I think I will do HST stars with 2.5 inch strips, Blackford Beauty blocks with 2 inch strips and courthouse steps with 1.5 inch strips.  I've still got mini log cabins for the strings and crumbs might take a rest for now.    That is my tentative plan so far.  How are your plans coming along for the new year?  Still time to firm them all up.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday


I have kids coming home for Christmas!  So far Anna is back and Ryan will be here next weekend.   School is winding down for me as well.   Having gotten my RSC21 quilts to the flimsy stage, I am exploring options for RSC22.   This is an attempt at HST stars.   There are two versions which I was thinking about using together, but I'm not sure if there is enough of a difference between the star pattern and the inverted stars.  I might try working in a few blank squares to break up the space and rest the eye.   The blue ones are sewn but the rest are just hanging out on the wall waiting.   

Saturday, December 4, 2021

ScraapHappy Saturday - Last Month of 2021

I can't say that I will be sad to see 2021 depart.  The end of the year means that I need to finish up the last of the RSC21 projects.  Instead I have been testing out blocks for RSC22.   So far there is the Blackford's Beauty block for the 2 inch strips and the Inverse HST stars for the 2 inch strips.  I was thinking of Courthouse Steps for the 1.5 inch strips, but there is a log cabin quilt in the works that I should finish up first.   

 Misterlinky will be expiring this week so I think that I will switch linky services again.   Too many people seem to have issues each week with linking, so I will do the research again and choose a new service.   I also need to sew the rows together on the crumb beads.  I got these three done over Thanksgiving holiday, it won't take long to add the rest.   Sewing long straight rows together has never been my favorite part of the quilting process.  Too much like borders with long stretches that need pins.  I hardly ever use pins! 

We are also going to test drive cars today.  There might be a grand car rotation coming up.    Though I have never been a car person, two of our cars are getting ready to fall apart.   With Anna graduating from college, we are thinking of sending her off with my car and then getting something new form me.   Kurt has been having trouble with his car refusing to start after a week at the airport.  The dealer couldn't find any problem, so we might be replacing it as well.   Something about electric cars draws charge over time I think.   

Still, there should be sewing time.   I'm off to pin some long rows!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

I worked on two more variations of the Blackford's Beauty block.  I like the black star points.  Also leaning toward the flying goose method over the flip and sew chevron 

Then, as long as there were scraps flying everywhere, I made a few half square triangle units to try out the inverted star plan.   Both stars are exactly the same, but with the colors in opposite positions.  Not sure yet if that will be enough to see the pattern, I'll have to make another block or two before I decide.   

Here is the sunrise from today.  Just a quick peek before I dashed out the door as this is our week of meetings almost every day.   


Monday, November 29, 2021

I am working on plans for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2022.  I woke up an hour early this morning and just had to get some ideas into fabric.   Choosing new blocks is always such fun!  I am thinking of the Blackford's Beauty block for my 2 inch strips and squares.  It isn't typically done with a four patch in the center, but I think it might work.   The chevrons can be done as strips or as flying geese.  I will try it both ways to see which is better for block construction.  Technically the chevrons have fewer seams, but the bulk might be less resulting in sharper points with the other method.   I also think that I might make the star points black instead of white.  They might stand out more that way.  I do like the consistent solid star points though.  That part I think I will keep.   
So I am learning that Blackford Ford is a Civil War battle site in Maryland.   A lot of  quilt block naming happened during the Civil War.   
I also had to pop by and visit the sunrise this morning on my way to work.   It was just peeking over the horizon as I drove past an access point on my way to work.   Definitely worth a short pit stop to enjoy the start of a new day.   
Coming back to school after a week off is a harsh transition for the teachers as well as the students.  Just 17 days until winter break though, so time to get back to work!


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunday is my Funday


Here are the blocks from the last RSC21 project that needed to be finished up.  I lost steam on this one and only had three colors done, so I added a couple of blocks in purple and orange to round out the collection and made a nice small snuggle size layout.   The blossom blocks are pretty simple and easy to put together, not sure why I didn't keep up momentum.   Be sure to visit Oh Scrap!  for more scrappy projects.  

I got these potholders whipped up on a utility sewing day before the kids showed up.  I was able to turn old towels and t-shirts into decorative cleaning rags and these orphan quilt blocks made a great collection of hot pads.   That makes today an official hand sewing of binding day!  I have a list of Christmas movies to stream and a cup of hot tea to warm me in the almost fall like Florida weather.  Slow Stitching Sunday is a weekly gathering of hand sewing, so don't forget to visit for inspiration.  

The sunrise was a great way to start the day.   With more sewing to continue the trend, I'll soak up the last few hours of vacation.  Shopping for RSC22 blocks is next on the list and I have a nice collection of possibilities in the works.  

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Holiday Weekend

 What a lovely vacation week.   The kids have all been home to visit.  Anna even brought her new boyfriend.  Everyone helped out with making the holiday meal.   

As they get older, I realize that it is going to get harder to gather everyone together at the same time. That makes each holiday even more special.  Anna and Sydney will both graduate in May.  Sydney will be off to college after that.  Anna is busy applying for graduate school.  Ryan still has at least two semesters to finish his degree.  This is what is supposed to happen, but it is still a lot of change!
Today I will sew and reflect.   I've been slowly adding crumb block rows to this quilt.  I'm thinking of shortening the name to just Pearls.  I'm on a string of one word quilt names lately.   

These lattice and blossom blocks make the official last of my 2021 projects waiting to be crossed off the list.  Each size of strip or square had a quilt.  This one used the 1.5 in variety.   
I am already starting to plan the year in review post to come soon and letting choices for the 2022 run through my mind.   I am guessing that lots of people will be doing Bonnie Hunter's free mystery starting yesterday. I really like her color choices this year.   I will skip the shiny new temptation again this year in favor of finishing ongoing projects.    Getting this year's quilts done is the only thing that lets me plan next year's quilts without feeling completely overwhelmed.  Misterlinky is below so that we an all follow your end of the year progress as well.   It won't be long before we can begin to see some fresh starts.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Vacation Progress

 Today was supposed to be a school day.  Instead, I am sewing away.  Happily covered with stray threads and putting blocks on the wall.  What a way to spend an unexpected free day.   

The Sister' Choice blocks got sewn together on Saturday.  I got everything ironed yesterday.   No decision on borders quite yet. I'm working on synonyms for the name.  Maybe Relativity?  

The Shoo Star and Wonky Stars needed just a few more blocks, so I got those whipped up this morning.   Working on the star theme, I think that I will call this one Quasar.   

Saturday, November 20, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday

 Today is the first of our weeklong Thanksgiving Break.  I am indeed grateful to have some time off to recharge and to sew!  I hope that you are all making great progress on finishing up some of your RSC block collections.   I have several finished flimsies in my sights for the coming week.  

Emptying project bins is one of the best parts of the end of the year.  Then the fun of planning to fill them again can begin!

Monday, November 15, 2021

Happy Monday

It was a beautiful sky this morning.  Clear and brisk fall air is always a teat in Florida.    

Last night was a noisy one as the water company was digging up the street in front of our house to fix a water leak.   They started at 10:30 to work overnight and avoid the traffic.   

I had enough blocks done for Sister's Choice, so those got arranged and pinned into rows for the next quiet moment.  Not tonight, that is the Academic Team Championship.  Then I am still all full of tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday.  I do believe that I had a cancellation for Wednesday though, and with the spouse out of the house, it might be a sewing night.   
Next up were these Shoofly and Wonky Star blocks.   I seem to have missed orange and teal completely, so a bit of filling in might be needed.   I am sure that I won't get much done on that one this week, but I am already mentally planning for a full week over Thanksgiving.   Did I mention we got an entire week off?  I'm pretty happy still.  Two days of vacation and a few extra wear jeans to work day doesn't solve all the issues with teaching right now, but it is at least an admission that things are not all rosy.   Hopefully they will work on some better long term solutions to attract more qualified and talented people into the profession.   We are losing teachers and district staff at an alarming rate right now.  

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Its a Flimy!


I just finished sewing the rows together for #FullStop.  Finally!  With an entire week off of school coming up soon, I want to que up some projects for the finish line.   This one will be number is number one on the list
Number two on the list are these crumb  blocks.   I got the first two rows together between rows for number one, I'll have to figure out what number three is going to be and get those blocks ready.  I am thinking that it is going to be Sister's Choice, but I'll decide for sure as I go do a bit of in between quilt tidying up.   I'm headed over to Quilting is More Fun that Housework next for Oh Scrap!  I have definitely not been keeping up with anything lately, so it will be fun to see lots of scrappy happiness going on.   

Saturday, November 13, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday

I am entering the weekend feeling refreshed and ready to go after having Veterans Day off Thursday. Only one full week of school until an entire week for Thanksgiving break.  #FullStop is number one of the list as I picked up a bit more of the grey fabric to finish framing out the rows.  It will be nice to have complete strips of grey to separate each row rather than piecing them.   
I've pulled the rainbow crumbs up to serve as leaders and enders while I puzzle the rows together.  Because the rows are offset on this one it can't be webbed like a normal top, each row will have to put together individually.   

There was a rocket launch this morning.  Not the cool nighttime manned launch of Thursday, but still a nice view to enjoy on our usual morning beach walk.  This one is putting Starlink satellites up to join the collection.   


Thursday, November 11, 2021

A Much Needed Break

Today is a school holiday.   I can't remember looking forward to a day off quite this much in a very long time.  As much as things have settled down since a disastrous start of the year, things are still far from normal.   We had the news yesterday that Thanksgiving vacation has been extended by two days to give us the entire week off.   That was a nice surprise!   Two more days to sew and bake and spend time with the family.   My plan for today was to start to put together #FullStop.   It didn't quite come to a full stop, but it certainly has been delayed due to the unusual year so far.   So step one was to pull all the blocks together and start to puzzle them into rows.  Rather than making each block its own row, I decided to combine several of the shorter rows together.   At that point I decided that I would need two more question mark blocks.   The aqua month was a bit of a rush with Covid and tutoring.   

Putting together the blocks from my own tutorial was a bit of fun!  Always nice to make sure that everything is clearly written.  The two extra blocks came together quite quickly.   
After that, I had to make a decision as to how wide the quilt would be.  I chose the quotations to be the longest row.  After carefully pressing, I measured it at 47.5 and decided that all the rows would be pieced to that target.   
So far all of the full rows are pressed, trimmed and measure at a perfect 47.5 inches.   In general, I've just been adding a skinny strip to one end and then a longer strip to the other and marking it to trim to the desired width.   I've just now run out of grey background fabric and will have to let the rest wait until Tuesday at the earliest.  Monday is our grand championship match for academic team.  That will be our last match and I have volunteered NOT to coach the state team this year which means that I will have my Mondays back again.   Now if I can only offload some of my tutoring jobs I will begin to have some free time again.  Speaking of which, I have a Zoom session starting in 7 minutes and should get set up for that.  

I hope that everyone is looking forward to the coming holiday season.   As busy as it has been, it will be nice to have a bit of down time at home.   


Saturday, November 6, 2021

Full Stop

 The last block in the Fullstop quilt is here at last.   It is the simplest of blocks.  It is a sign of just how out of control my life has become that it has taken me this long to get it put together.   Somehow school is just so much more than it has been in the past.   More difficult and stressful for the kids, more time consuming, more of everything!   I've gotten overloaded with tutoring trying to help kids get caught up and somehow just end up struggling through things that used to be so much easier.   Quilting used to be a joy to look forward to on weekends, but somehow I just haven't had the mental energy lately.   I am getting back into the swing though, and looking forward to finishing up some of this year's block collections.   

First up of course is the quilt along that should have had the last block published last month!   And so simple!    I am going to turn my fullstops into a rainbow row to tie together all of the colors so far.   

Start with one 2.5 inch square of the color of your choice along with two 2.5 inch squares of background and one strip which is 2.5 by 6.5 to separate the periods.   
Sew one background square onto either side of the colorful block and press toward the dark
Now just sew the 6.5 inch strip to on edge and press toward the background.  
Now just collect together a nice stack of 2.5 inch square and arrange them into a pleasing order.  I'm going with ROYGBIV of course, but any arrangement will do.  I think that I will try to get this row to span the entire width of the finished quilt.   

ScrapHappy Saturday


Finishing up is fun to do.   I hope all of your projects are starting to wrap up and the catching up time coming along nicely.  Please share your inspirations for those who are still stalled near the end.  I am finally back to #Fullstop again and putting together the last and final block -- a Fullstop.   There will be directions and finishing guidelines coming soon!   

Saturday, October 30, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday

Where has this month gone?  Today will be catching up which includes the last #Fullstop block which is a period.   Simplest block ever.  Just a 2.5 inch square.   Finding the time has just been tricky.   I hope your October was a bit smoother.  There will not be more official colors in November and December to allow time for catching up and up and finishing of quilts!  Hopefully more of those beautiful rainbow block collections will continue to turn into finished projects before the end of the year. 

Saturday, October 23, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday

 Another busy school week.  Parent conferences and weekend training. I'm on a Zoom right now, but will check in later when it is done.    

Saturday, October 16, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday - Finishing

 No photos to share yet, but I have begun the last blocks for several quilts and am starting the assembly process  We have Kurt's family visiting for the weekend though, and sewing time will have to wait just a bit longer.  We are off for a swamp boat ride this morning and will enjoy much touristy fun. 

Saturday, October 9, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday - Winding down

Another long week.  So glad to see the sunrise this morning and welcome the weekend.   We have a wedding to go to this afternoon which means that I will miss the funeral.   Monday is a teacher workday for the end of the quarter and I am looking forward to catching up and getting some organization done.  I never did make it out to pick up black fabric this week so I'll have to work on another project first.  I'm sure I will be able to find something fun to sew.   


Sunday, October 3, 2021

Sunday - Loose Ends

I pulled out the crumbs yesterday and started to fill in the missing pieces.   I had to frame out a few blocks and fill in a few more, but then made pretty good progress until I ran out of black fabric.    After pondering a trip out, I decided to shift into some handwork instead.   
My collection of hexies is growing slowly.  I think I will enjoy a quiet afternoon and sew a few more diamonds together.   

 It was a beautiful sunrise again today.   I had a nice walk on the beach with a friend yesterday and met up with a couple more friends on Friday for margaritas.  All told, it was a nice weekend.   Just what I needed after a tough week at work.   Don't forget to check on all things scrappy with Oh Scrap! and with slow stitching with Kathy.   

Saturday, October 2, 2021

#Full Stop September

 So, I'm a little late on the dash block for September.  I just haven't had the ability to focus much lately.  It came together remarkably quickly once I sat down to plan.   I'll be back shortly with the October block as well.  The final block will be a period.   

Start with 2.5 inch strips of orange and background.   Cut them into 6.5 inch rectangles.   Each block needs one orange strip and two of grey with one additional strip of the same length to separate the blocks.   
Start by layering the strips grey, orange and grey.   
Sew a grey strip onto the top and bottom of the orange strip and press toward the orange.   Use the remaining grey strip to separate the blocks from one another.  
I made 5 blocks which results in a row which is approximately 39 inches.   As you can see, some of my blocks have gone missing.  I will try to find those and finish up the last block and tutorial for October.   Thanks for sticking with me as my life got complicated.   Hoping for a calmer future ahead.  

ScrapHappy Saturday - Wrapping up with Lime


The last color this year will be light and bright green.  Generally blues and greens build up faster and so I try to give them a bit of extra time.  Despite making a nice dent in my darker greens earlier, I have a nice stack of lime to play with this month.  

It was a difficult week at work as our beloved front desk clerk and receptionist who had been on medical leave since catching Covid during the earlier peak of the disease has passed away.   It has left us all shaken and sad as well as worried for our own safety.  There is another emergency board meeting on masks this week and the school board is under intense pressure from our state legislators, board of education and brand new anti-vax surgeon general.   The numbers are down considerably from where we started the year, but there is still a lot of tension and fear.   Students are no longer required to quarantine after a direct exposure and the parents are free to decide that they should return to all academic and extra-curricular activities instead.  

Sorry for all the depressing news.  The weather here has been beautiful!  There is a taste of fall in the air and it has cooled down considerably.  A tropical storm sitting far off the coast is causing some big waves, so I think it will be a big weekend for surfing .  As for me, I need to catch up on some sewing!