Saturday, May 30, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - June Advance

 I was done with green.  I got the feeling lots of you felt the same way.  So I moved on to June
 June is going to be pink this year.  Here are my pink Soul Searching blocks.
 The sunrise was late today because of a heavy cloud layer on the horizon.  Hopefully it will be all clear this afternoon for another launch attempt.
Yesterday when we went out, there was a turtle nest right in front of the beach entry.  Then today, another turtle went right over yesterdays nest and tried to dig again.

Mister linky is below.  Share the ends of your green or your plans for pink.  I have even been seeing some mid year finishes start to show up which is always so exciting.  Whatever you've got to share, we are looking forward to it. 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Pink Box

I have so many pink scrap!  I put a lot of them to good use in a pink scrap box.  AND the rest are all tidy and organized.  I love tidy and organized!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Quarantine Continues

11 and a half weeks of quarantine houses so far.  I am not at all sure when to end this quilt as the end is so much more ambiguous than the beginning.  My summer is already scheduled with virtual versions of the work I had planned.  I'm waiting on the launch right now and the weather is iffy.  Trump just landed, but the thunder rolls on.  

Monday, May 25, 2020

Partial to Pink

 I finished the pink block from Leap Year during family movie time last night.  Actually the kids all joined in for long enough to have pizza and then I watched a movie while quilting the my husband worked on his laptop.  Not exactly high quality family time, but we have all had a lot of togetherness lately. 
 Green felt finished, and so I pulled out the pinks for next month.  It isn't so much cheating as it is working ahead.  It is cold and rainy outside, so I though some new scraps might brighten things up inside.  Is anyone else feeling ready to move on?  June is going to be pink -- just in case you are as desperate as me to move on to what is next. 
I was going to do string blocks first, but it appears that I already had enough of pink.  I think I'll warm up the iron and get ready to organize.  

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Going on Green

 I covered some throw pillows this week.  The fabric was leftover from recovering dining room chairs.  All of the pieces were too narrow, so I used a decorative stripe in the middle of each pillow to puzzle the narrower bits together.
 These blocks have been my leaders and enders this month.
 Green sprouts are done.
And I added a dark green to the soul searching collection.  
I think I'm all caught up on RSC, today I will catch up on my houses again.  What are your plans for the weekend?  For those of us in the US it is a long weekend for Memorial day.  Long weekends don't mean much right now, but I will pretend that one day is different from the next.  

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Slowly on Sunday

 I've been slowly chipping away at the hand quilting for Leap Year.  It is my TV project, but I just don't watch that much TV right now.  Our cable is streaming, so it is just easier to use watch on my iPad. 
 After the dark green was done, I shifted to pink.   It is getting there.  I had a chance to work on it while watching Harry Potter movies recently.  One of my quarantine projects has been reading the Harry Potter books and then following up each with the movie.  I'm done now so I'll need to think about what to read next. 
So glad that my local library has digital checkout available.  I think they will be opening up tomorrow, but digital is still easier and safer.  I have had to venture out for work a couple of days recently, and being at home is much nicer.  We needed to get our classrooms cleared out before the end of the school year and tidy up some paperwork.  I'll be headed back again next week for my shift at drive through book return for the kids. 
I worked diligently yesterday to finally finish putting the snails trail blocks together!  
I pondered the border while I was ironing the rows.  I had some half square triangles left over from the outer corners of the blocks and worked some of those together into a zig zag.  Once I got it together, I noticed that a nice diamond pattern shows up if the dark and light colors alternate.  I might add a small solid strip to the outside of that, but it should all work out I think.  I should have some time this afternoon to sew again.  The boys are doing dungeons and dragons again and the girls are going to do some boogie boarding at the beach.  I'll be popping in to check on Kathy's Quilts first though.  

Saturday, May 16, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday

Where has my motivation gone?
These were my light and bright greens from January.  My dark greens are not coming along quite so quickly.  
There is a tropical system developing though, with the potential to be named Arthur.  It looks like a long and rainy weekend which will give me plenty of time to catch up.

How is everyone else surviving?  
Misterlinky is below.  Share your updates with us all.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday

Springing up Green
 I dug out the green basket again.  It was all tidy and neat from January, so I was able to quickly dig out the darker scraps and cut them into the sizes I will need this month. 
 I've got a good start on the nine patches made from 2 inch squares.  Still more time for the rest. 
 These snails trails blocks are seeing most of my effort right now.  80% of the blocks are done and the rest are in progress.  Hopefully there will be a new flimsy before the end of the weekend. 
 Our daily beach walk has shifted to sunrise.  The beach parking is open again and things are starting to get super crowded. 
We've been enjoying watching all of the new turtle nests pop up each day.  They mark each one off with a huge square of caution tape.  It used to be just a simple stake in the sand, but I think they are being more cautious this year because beach re-nourishment equipment is still out and about.  
AP testing starts on Monday though mine isn't for another week.  The kids are all testing online from home this year which is a strange new experience for us all.  SO many strange new experiences these days, but we just keep adapting and waiting.  

Saturday, May 2, 2020

ScrapHappy Blursday

It is a new month and a new color.  Dark green is scheduled for May, which should mean polishing off the rest after January was devoted to the lights and brights.  
The days all flow into one another right now, with surreal mix of work and waiting.  I've rescheduled two of my summer events into virtual work at home alternatives, and so the horizon has lots more of home days in store. 
Yesterday we installed a tile back-splash in the kitchen.  It still needs to get grouted, but we managed to get all the tile put in with minimal strife.  Tile is a lot like quilting in finding just the right little bits to puzzle in.  
We are still getting a beach walk in everyday.  They will probably open up the beach parking soon which will mean that everything will get crowded for a bit.  
Hopefully we can avoid crowds by going out first thing in the morning.  If not, it should calm down after the initial rush.  Restaurants are set to open on Monday with 25% capacity or outside seating.  Again, I think I'll let the rush die down.  Still waiting to see what the infection rates in Georgia have to say about the wisdom of opening up right now.  I'm happy to keep staying inside an playing with green fabric some more.  I've dug out the green 2 inch squares to use as leaders and enders while I sew more face masks today.  I've had a couple of requests for smaller sizes, so I'll play with little bits of fabric and make more scraps for later.  

Friday, May 1, 2020

It's May!

Telling the days apart gets harder and harder.  Today is Friday.  I keep saying it out loud to remind myself that time is passing.  It is also May 1.  A new month means a new color.  So put away the light blues and get out the dark greens.  Emerald, forest, anything not too pastel or bright.  We used the light and bright greens in January, so anything that didn't get used up then should come out to play now.  This month is all about dark green.