Saturday, December 25, 2021

Last ScrapHappy Saturday of 2021

 I can not say that I am sad to see the end of 2021.   I celebrated a socially distanced Christmas morning today fully masked, sitting on the balcony outside of our family room.  Now I am facetiming with the family to play a group video game with me back in my quarantine corner and everyone else (still Covid negative) down at the kitchen table together.   Feeling pretty good though, after a few days of cold like symptoms and so grateful for knowing how much worse this could have all turned out.   

I'll be back soon with a year end update.  I did get quite a few flimsies finished this year if not completed quilts.  I enjoy going back to review as I dream of quilts for the new year.  

Friday, December 24, 2021

Day 5


Day 5 of my Covid quarantine and all is calm.  There is a lovely sunrise to see from the balcony.  

Plenty of hexies to add to my growing rows.  

The dog and I even ventured outside for long enough yesterday to spot an osprey with his lunch.  I was sure that I would test negative this morning in time to enjoy Christmas festivities with the family.   No such luck though I and I am secluded again in the main bedroom with hand sewing and movie marathons to pass the time.  

I feel a bit better today than yesterday, so maybe that is sign that the end is near.  Everyone else in the house keeps testing negative, so that is good news!  There is always a bright side.  

Saturday, December 18, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday - Anticipation

 I've got two of the three kids home for the holidays and the third should arrive tomorrow.  Just two exams days are left between me and winter break.   My task for the day is to put away the remainder of my sewing things from the kids/guest bedrooms and finish off the holiday gift shopping.   No sewing for me quite yet, though I do have some hexies and binding to occupy me if I get the urge.  I hope that all of your end of the year sewing is progressing nicely.  Hopefully everyone was able to squeeze a finish or two out of their rainbow scrap challenge block collections!  Next Saturday is Christmas, and the one after that will be the first Saturday of RSC22.   I will be continuing to host ScrapSaturday linky parties next year, though I do not have a block of the month planned.  I might do a shorter quilt along over summer break if things are calm, but for now, I don't have a long term quilt in the works other than monthly rainbow blocks.  So far I think I will do HST stars with 2.5 inch strips, Blackford Beauty blocks with 2 inch strips and courthouse steps with 1.5 inch strips.  I've still got mini log cabins for the strings and crumbs might take a rest for now.    That is my tentative plan so far.  How are your plans coming along for the new year?  Still time to firm them all up.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday


I have kids coming home for Christmas!  So far Anna is back and Ryan will be here next weekend.   School is winding down for me as well.   Having gotten my RSC21 quilts to the flimsy stage, I am exploring options for RSC22.   This is an attempt at HST stars.   There are two versions which I was thinking about using together, but I'm not sure if there is enough of a difference between the star pattern and the inverted stars.  I might try working in a few blank squares to break up the space and rest the eye.   The blue ones are sewn but the rest are just hanging out on the wall waiting.   

Saturday, December 4, 2021

ScraapHappy Saturday - Last Month of 2021

I can't say that I will be sad to see 2021 depart.  The end of the year means that I need to finish up the last of the RSC21 projects.  Instead I have been testing out blocks for RSC22.   So far there is the Blackford's Beauty block for the 2 inch strips and the Inverse HST stars for the 2 inch strips.  I was thinking of Courthouse Steps for the 1.5 inch strips, but there is a log cabin quilt in the works that I should finish up first.   

 Misterlinky will be expiring this week so I think that I will switch linky services again.   Too many people seem to have issues each week with linking, so I will do the research again and choose a new service.   I also need to sew the rows together on the crumb beads.  I got these three done over Thanksgiving holiday, it won't take long to add the rest.   Sewing long straight rows together has never been my favorite part of the quilting process.  Too much like borders with long stretches that need pins.  I hardly ever use pins! 

We are also going to test drive cars today.  There might be a grand car rotation coming up.    Though I have never been a car person, two of our cars are getting ready to fall apart.   With Anna graduating from college, we are thinking of sending her off with my car and then getting something new form me.   Kurt has been having trouble with his car refusing to start after a week at the airport.  The dealer couldn't find any problem, so we might be replacing it as well.   Something about electric cars draws charge over time I think.   

Still, there should be sewing time.   I'm off to pin some long rows!