RSC24 Sampler


Hen & Chicks will be a rainbow sampler quilt based on 40 blocks published this year.  I will have 4 new patterns each of the first 10 months.  That will allow you to have the last 2 months to catch up, put the blocks together and get it quilted before the end of 2024.   The blocks will be offered in multiple sizes and so you can decide which to make and how you want to put it together.  I used the handy quilt sizes download at Just Get it Done Quilts to help you come up with some options.  See below for some choices for or use the chart to make your own plan.  SuzyQuilts has a nice quilt sizing guide if you want to get something close to a standard size.  

  • 40 Three inch blocks framed to 4.5 will give you a mini quilt 31.5 by 27
  • 42 Six inch blocks can lead to a 42 by 36 inch baby quilt
  • 40 6 inch blocks together with 40 framed 3 inch blocks will give you a lap size 60 by 48 inch quilt (this is my plan) 
  • 40 Nine inch blocks will allow you to make a 72 by 45 inch quilt - this seems a bit long and skinny to me
  • 42 Nine inch blocks will give you a nice lab sized 45 by 63 inch quilt
  • Three 12 inch blocks each month will give you enough for a 72 by 60 inch quilt
  • 40 blocks in the 12 inch size will allow you to make a 96 by 60 inch quilt

January- Green

Block                                             Google Doc                    PDF

Postage Stamp -Block 1                   Postage Stamp                Postage Stamp

Double Bowties -Block 2                 Double Bowties                Double Bowties

Rail Fence -Block 3                         Rail Fence                        Rail Fence

Shoofly -Block 4                             Shoofly                             Shoofly

Big O -Block 5                                Big O                                Big O

Bright Hopes -Block 6                     Bright Hopes                    Bright Hopes

Antique Tile - Block 7                      Antique Tile                      Antique Tile

Chubby Plus - Block 8                      Chubby Plus                     Chubby Plus

 Friendship Star - Block 9                 Friendship Star                 Friendship Star                    

Bears Paw - Block 10                       Bears Paw                         Bears Paw

Jacob's Ladder - Block 11                 Jacob's Ladder                  Jacob's Ladder 

Prairie Queen -Block 12                   Prairie Queen                    Prairie Queen

Opposing Corners- Block 13            Opposing Corners             Opposing Corners

Petals - Block 14                               Petals                                 Petals

Old Maid's Puzzle - Block 15            Old Maid's Puzzle            Old Maid's Puzzle

Spiral Stairs - Block 16                      Spiral Stairs                      Spiral Stairs


Margaret L said...

I never know what to do so sampler is a nice idea. Btw should the pieces on shoofly be 2 and 7/8 not 3 3/8?

thepinkquilter said...

Margaret, that's what I thought too. But I like the size it turned out.