Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pin Basting and Running

I got up way too early this morning to try to get in 13.1 miles. The idea was to do a trial for the half marathon on the marathon course and see what kind times we could turn in. I knew I had put in too many miles for the week and started out in pain. I slowed down for the second half and managed to make it back to the car, and even though it turned out to be only 12.2 miles, I called it good enough. I got back home only to find that I was locked out. Kurt had taken the kids to ice skating and I had forgotten to take a key with me! So I went out with one of my running partners for breakfast and then came home to wait patiently by the pool. A nice long shower helped make everything better and a power nap filled up the rest of the morning.
After all of that I decided to get Dad's Plaids basted and ready for quilting. King sized quilts take a lot longer to make than cute little wall hangings! Just the ironing took most of the afternoon and I got everything layered up right around dinner time. I've got a good chunk of the middle pinned together, but I'm not sure if I've got the energy to go back to it tonight or not. Crawling around on hands and knees is not the best thing to follow up a week with way too many miles. Maybe I'll have a nice relaxing bath instead. The master bath is mostly reassembled now and is usable again. I hope everyone else is getting lots of good quilt things accomplished. Fall seems like such a nice time for quilting.


Julie said...

You are going to machine quilt a king sized quilt yourself? I am soooo impressed.

Amy said...

Hey girl! All the power to you for pulling out the 12 miles! I was somewhat in the same boat---needed to run 8 taper miles today, but my legs just didn't want to listen to my willpower. I pulled in a bit over 6, but walked about 3 of them. SOOOOO-----I'll see what I can do tomorrow.

AND BUKU KUDOS to you for tackling as much as you did on Dad's Plaids. I'm so glad to see it put together---I've been awaiting it's complete reveal :0)

Hopefully your Sunday is progressive :0)

Amanda said...

Your Dad's Plaids looks great, I love the colours. Best of luck with pin basting it, it's a knee-and-back-breaking job isn't it.

Rhonda said...

Love, love, love your Dad's Plaids!