Friday, April 8, 2011

Rainbow Scrap Vomit

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge together with my new and busier work schedule have resulted in quite a few projects scattered along the way.  I sat down after dinner and just started sewing things together; leaders and enders, scraps, extra blocks from projects long gone.  They all got stitched to something and are waiting now to be ironed and sorted away. 
 There is something lovely about a Friday.  Especially one that doesn't lead to a trip out of town or a marathon of kid activities.  We only have a usual weekend schedule to deal with and so I am feeling more relaxed than I can remember in a while.  After much arguing with secretaries and clerks during my planning periods this week, I finally have a signed contract to go with my new job.  It is a relief to know that my job won't be offered up to anyone else who wants it at the end of the year.
Most evenings have found me either plugging away at lesson plans or just plain tuckered out.  Lizzie and I were sharing a quick snooze yesterday when Kurt snuck up on me.


Amy said...

LOVE the post title!

Sorry that your contract signing was a not-so-pleasant endeavor, but glad it's done.

And glad to see the picture that even you can't be Wonder Woman all the time! Whew........

ENJOY your weekend!

Janet said...

Have a good week-end with your family! I'm happy for you that your future is secured. Take care of yourself. :)

Scrappy quilter said...

Glad to hear you have a signed contract. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs

Quilting By Celia said...

I can identify with you having a sleep with the dog ! Have a good weekend `1

Quilter Kathy said...

That is SO adorable! I love that photo of you and Lizzie having a little rest :)