Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tiny Tuesday - French 4s

This Midget Block is called French 4s. It is paper pieced in 3 sections with 17 pieces. I think it looks like a Monkey Wrench block, which should be easy enough to sew traditionally, but the sizes would probably be odd for a block of this size. 
It was super simple and straight forward. I love the fabric for this one. Ryan was kind enough to hold it for a picture, though he was trying to hide behind it, because that seems like fun for 10 year old boys I guess.


Ellen said...

That block is a cutie and so is your son! Glad you had an easier one to make after the last one.

Deb A said...

That came out great. Love the fabric you chose.

Sheila said...

Nice block! Love the fabric :D
GOOD looking young man. He looks like a keeper.

Retrogirl said...

Adorable block! I'm with you, looks like monkey wrench/hole in the barn door/churn dash. very cute!!