Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tiny Tuesday #19

Rail Fence
 Collect together 1 inch scraps of orange and background.  Too many is better than too few.  You can always use the extras for nine patches.
 Collect them together into roughly equal length sections with two orange and one background color.  Sew these together being quite careful with the seam allowance.  Two oranges will go onto either side of the lighter strip.  Press the seam allowances toward the orange.
 Before you go any further, check your strip set.  It should be two inches in width.  If it is, good job!  If not, fix it before you go any further.
 Sub cut your strip sets into two inch squares.  You will need nine of these.  I ended up with three each of three combinations, but any variety will work just fine. Save extra bits for later.
 Take your nine 2 inch squares and arrange them attractively in an alternating pattern.
 Fold row 2 on top of row one and chain stitch them together.
 Add row three onto row 2 and you will have everything in the right order.  Now you just have to sew the rows together to make a square.
 Press the seams  on the back away from the pieced rows to reduce bulk as much as possible.
Here is your finished block!  Be sure to save all the extra bits for next week.  Set this one on point in the finished quilt.  


Libby in TN said...

Thanks for something easy!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Quick and easy block. Thanks, Angela!!

Sara said...

That's a cute little block!

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maggie fellow said...

fun and cute block - thanks