RSC 2022

 The Rainbow Scrap Challenge will be back in 2022 to encourage you to use your scraps.   I've been doing this since 2010 and am still finding lots of fun scrappy inspiration every year.   The "rules" are simple.  Each month there will be a challenge color.   Your goal is to dig into your scraps and make something using that color.   The challenge is fairly wide open and you are most welcome to interpret and use the challenge in a way that works for you.   

The easiest way to get started is to find a pattern that you want to try.  Anything will work, but starting simple is never a bad idea.  Then each month you will make a block or two or more in the color of the month.  By the end of the year you will have sorted through all of your scraps (any maybe gotten them a bit organized along the way?).  More importantly though, you will have a nice stack of blocks ready to be turned into a quilt.   There will be 10 monthly colors this year, leaving November and December open to assemble blocks and finish your quilts.  
Feel free to change the rules to make them work for you.  You might consider anything smaller than a fat quarter to be a scrap while I like to deal with tiny strings and crumbs.   Try to find a pattern that will work with what you have.  I love to keep drawers of strips and squares around, ready to turn into finished blocks.  The Rainbow Scrap Challenge has helped me to keep working through these collections and turning them into quilts without feeling overwhelmed.   
This year I have three main patterns ready to go:
  • Carpenter's Star blocks made from 2.5 inch strips
  • Blackford Beauty blocks made from 2 inch squares and solid strips
I have some ongoing projects that I will continue to add to as well, though these are not likely to be finished in a year.   I just keep adding more blocks each month knowing that quilting is a marathon and not a sprint
  • Tiny Log Cabin block
  • Hexie Diamond blocks.  
I will be back soon to add links to tutorials for my blocks.   And will try to update the colors each month.  The background of the blog tends to change with the colors of the month, so that is always a nice hint in case you miss the color announcement at the start of each new month.   

Stephanie has been kinds enough, once again to make us tracking sheets in case you need to keep track of more than one ongoing project.   Its OK to only have one project though, best to not get too carried away.  Not everyone is prepared to devote every Saturday to sewing only rainbow scraps.    

January - red
February - aqua
March - yellow and gold
April - baby and hot pink
May - sage and forest green
June - bright and dark blue
July - purple
August - orange
September - light blue
October - bright and lime green or light neutral
November - brown and black or block assembly
December - multicolor or quilting


Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Red is a great strong color to start out the New year!
Happy New Year!!!

LA Paylor said...

love red's energy.... that will make an excellent start

Nann said...

Red it is! I enjoy RSC every year -- thanks for hosting!

Sharon Kwilter said...

I'm excited about red being the color because I just started a scrappy project that uses red!

Judy in Missouri said...

After a several year hiatus, I plan to join in again this year. I’m using the Kings Crown block with a Grunge Dot neutral. Hope I can keep up.

Lianne makes stuff said...

I'm joining in on this and I love red, I still have to decide on a block or two

Jay said...

I've been lurking for a couple of years...time to get started on my own RSC! I believe I have plenty of red to get me going.

allthingzsewn said...

Late start, this will help me make a couple of donation quilts, thanks for the inspiration.
How did you get the robot security thingy. 🤔

Janie said...

Thank you for hosting RSC! Here we go another year, another adventure!

Northern Deb said...

So happy to join in this year❤

Northern Deb said...

So happy to be joining in this year...and I LOVE red! Great color to start with❤

Janie said...

Yes, thanks for hosting! And great block selections too!

Janie said...

Yes, thanks for hosting! And great block selections!

Karen G said...

What is February’s colour? I’m eager to make some more.

Susan said...

Sew many of my blog friends do this - I'm in this year - just one block a month though - far too many projects on the go!!! or planned.

Susan said...

MY first year doing this - looking forward to some fun.

Mrs. Kucera's Class said...

I'm a little late to the game. I just found your blog. I've got some catching up to do. I found a picture of a wonderful scrappy bear paw quilt I intend to make. Thank you.