Saturday, December 5, 2015

Official Plans for RSC16!

Are you overwhelmed with scraps?  Wondering how you will ever use them all up?  The Rainbow Scrap Challenge started in 2011 to help me get a handle on my scraps by dealing with them one color at a time.  Before long I was hosting weekly link up parties and enjoying rainbow inspirations on a regular basis.  Lots of other like minded quilters have joined in over the years, sharing ideas projects with us all.
The idea is simple.  Each month a new color will be announced.  Go to the baskets, bins and bags where you have your scraps stashed and find some fabric in that color.  Then do something with it.  Anything at all.  Choosing a block and making a few each month seems to work well.  Some people jump right in and make entire quilts.  Others pull out UFOs and polish them off.  I will offer a few blocks for inspiration, but any block will work as long as it is one you will enjoy coming back to each month.
New this year, I will also be suggesting an accent color each month.  For those who have been making monochromatic rainbow colored blocks for several years now, this will be a fun way to mix things up a bit.  The accent colors are completely optional though.  You are welcome to just stick to the basics.  By the end of the year we will have toured all the main colors in your scrap bins, and hopefully you will have put lots of them to good use while collecting enough blocks to put together a quilt or two.

Here are a few of my favorite finishes from this year.
 Bulk mail is made from the 1.5 inch strip bin. Postage stamp blocks are a great way to use up tiny odds and ends.
Nine Carat Diamonds comes from 2 inch squares.  I didn't know what the nine patches were going to turn into at first.  Collecting basic subunits gives you lots of options for later though.    I've still got some leftover and have a plan in place to use up some more this year in another quilt based on this inspiration.  
Mai Tai Sunrise was the original source of the nine patches.  They alternated with star blocks to make this Bonnie Hunter design.  

My big project of the year was this Sawtooth Star Sampler featuring hand dyed fabric "scraps" from Vicki Welsh.  I posted 2 or 3 block tutorials each month and they are still available on the RSC15 tab at the top of the page.  It is ready to be quilted, so more up to date pictures will be coming soon.  
So, are you wondering what is up for 2016?  I will be designing a column a month quilt for anyone who would like to participate.  One new block will be released each month along with directions as to how many you should make for a throw (60 by 60) or twin (60 by 72) inch quilt You can assemble each row as you go so that finishing at the end of the year will be a breeze. I will be using hand dyed rainbow inspired palates of fabric from Vicki Welsh who is a continuing sponsor of the RSC.  You may order the palates from her as well or use your own scraps if you prefer. 
So how do you join in?  No sign up or subscription is necessary.  Just post your project on your blog, flicker account, or google circles.  I don't Instagram, but I am told that there is a hashtag there: #rainbowscrapchallenge2016.  Then every Saturday, there will be a link-up available for anyone who has Rainbow Scrap Challenge progress to share.  You are welcome to copy the html code below the "Grab my Button" up and to the right of this post, and paste it into a gadget on your own blog.  That will bring people back to the RSC16 homepage so that they can all share in the rainbow fun.
Looking for more scrappy inspiration?  Check out some of the past projects and tutorials linked to the pages tabbed at the top of the blog.  I also started a Pinterest Board of Rainbow Quilts.  There are plenty of ideas available each week on ScrapHappy Saturday, you can even go through old link up parties in search of inspiration.  There is also a wonderful scrap friendly link up party every Sunday called Oh Scrap! at Quilting is More Fun than Housework.  You should definitely visit tomorrow when Cyndi is planning on giving the Rainbow Scrap Challenge a special shout out.  You can follow the link or use the button in the right hand margin of my blog.  

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.  I am not a professional quilter, but a full time working mom of three who quilts in my spare time.  I enjoy sharing my hobby with all of you though and try to continue to offer ideas and patterns free for anyone who would like to use them.  
So keep scrolling down to visit today's ScrapHappy Saturday Link-Up party and start thinking about what projects you would like to start next year.  Until then, happy scrapping!


beaquilter said...

Love your rainbow quilts from this year!
Another idea I got today was to make two identical blocks and make them pot holders, so by Christmas you have 12 sets to give away!

Rosa said...

Congratulations, thsoe quilts are just fantastic and is a great idea.It`s great see what others quilters make with their scraps!

Sara said...

I'm in - and looking forward to it. Having an accent color each month could be genius.

Chantal said...

Oh! I am in too! I have already picked my block for 2016 but you are really tempting me with this interesting design Angela. Gosh! I didn't want to start a new project! I'll sleep on it and decide later lol. Thanks Angela for doing this link party every week. Much appreciated. ;^)

gayle said...

You know I'm in with both feet!
Thank you so much for all your work, Angela. I've had the best time this past year, both from enjoying seeing what everyone is up to with their rainbow colors, and from the fun I had after I jumped in myself.
I am sooo looking forward to 2016 already! (I'm intrigued with your column quilt, btw - like I need another idea...)

Kate said...

Just FYI, there's also a hashtag on Instagram for those of us over there! I think it's #rainbowscrapchallenge2015 - assuming we will update it for next year. I did horrible this year, although I did manage to finish my 2014 quilt. Seriously going to finish 2013/15 this year!

Karen said...

I am looking forward to 2016 rainbow challenge. I am not sure what blocks I will be making but I want to use my scraps to make lots of beautiful Quilty hugs. Thanks for the continued encouragement.

Deb A said...

Alternate colors! What a fun twist.. I'm in again...... now to really get some sewing and finishing in this week.

Delighted Hands said...

I am ready and I might just have a couple of friends convinced to play, too!

Julie in GA said...

Looking forward to another fun year with the rainbow scraps. Adding an accent color each month is a great idea! It is so much fun to link up and see what everyone else is making. Thanks for all your hard work.

Libby in TN said...

After seeing so many participating blogs recently, I've been inspired to join in. I have already picked my block for next year. Do you announce all the colors at once or parcel them out each month?

Sheila said...

Love your wonderful rainbow quilts! I'm in for next year's scrappy challenge.

Ellen said...

Your quilts are gorgeous and are a testament that scraps really are a valuable asset in our quilting rooms!

I have good intentions and hope to participate this year. This past year I had good intentions too but got sidelined with family obligations for several months and didn't have much opportunity for sewing. :(