Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Different Kind of Scrappy

I really hate the cheesy little valentines from the supermarket. The cartoon ones with the spot to write in to and from that come 36 to a box. There is something so sad and impersonal about them. All of the kids are supposed to bring valentines to school tomorrow, so I was motivated to scrapbook again. It's been ages since I had my scrap booking stuff out, and it was such fun! I've been in a real quilting phase lately, and I'm starting to feel that it may be time to switch gears for a while.
My oldest daughter made her own valentines -- hearts for the girls and puzzle pieces for the boys. I tried to get her to put, "You hold the key to my heart" on them, but she wanted, "Happy Valentines Day" instead (poetry must run in the family). I chose a letter theme for the other two. "You are the apple of my EYE" and "BE my valentine". I even ran out to the craft store for a bumble bee stamp.

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