Saturday, December 30, 2023

Scaphappy Saturday (Ryan Appreciation Day)

We are all in  Virginia today and completely unaware of the day.  I called my middle child to put up the post as we are driving “in to town” for supplies.  I spent many hours during the in-law  Christmas sewing hexies.  The dark green row is ready for assembly 

Saturday, December 23, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday

 Two weeks ago, Kurt was shaking a can of primer in preparation for some touch up painting in the garage.   The gallon exploded all over the floor and my car.   We managed to clean up most of that mess, but this weekend we are painting the garage floor.  I get to do the tossing of the speckles into the wet paint.   Sydney is finally coming home today for the holiday.  Exams were over a the week before last, but she was still working until closing today.   Yesterday was my last day of school before the break and it was actually a holiday for Kurt because Christmas is on a Monday this year.   So the holiday fun will officially begin!
I need a few more dark green hexies.  I think there are 14 diamonds per row, so just 10 more to finish off this row.   I am liking the contrast of the darker shade after the light green and light yellow rows.   I know that things will be busy during the holidays for many of you, but I hope that you all find some time to slow down and enjoy some quiet time as well.   I am starting to think about plans for next year.   Lots of finishing of ongoing projects of course, but hopefully something new to mix in.....

Saturday, December 16, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday - A Month of Hexies


It seems like I have been posting nothing but hexie photos for a month.   The light green row is done and mostly connected.  There are some dark green hexies ready to be sewn into diamonds.   Progress is slow and steady.  It is a dreary hurricane like day here, so there will be plenty of inside sewing time to enjoy.   How are your end of the year wrap up plans coming along?  I will certainly have a lot of rollover this year and not too many new projects, but that is all part of the ebb and flow.  

Please share any finishes, progress or plans for 2024 with us using the linky party below.

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Scraphappy Saturday

 It seems that I only do hexies lately.   I guess I am a creature of habit.  The light green row is almost done, but the dark green row is going to need a bit of work.  I think it will look good though after the yellow and light green.  It is easier to see the pattern with the darker hexie colors.  

It was a surprisingly calm week. The kids at school all have college applications mostly wrapped up and are waiting on decisions.   I went to a private college event and did a tour yesterday of Florida Southern which is most known for its Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture.   That was a nice change of pace.  Our neighbor put her townhouse on the market last weekend and it is under contract now, so it looks like we will be getting a new neighbor.   I think we will do some goodwill shopping today for Ryan's new college apartment and see the newest Marvel movie.  Having weekends is such a treat!  I could do this all the time.   

Saturday, December 2, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday - Wrapping Up

 It is strange for me to be in the last month of the year without a nice stack of new quilts to finish up.  Such is the ebb and flow though.   Hexies are still screaming my name, and English paper piecing doesn't give you stacks of finished blocks in a hurry.  It has been a long slow labor of love.   The red and orange rows are done and sewed together, the yellow row is ready to be added!  Looks like I still need a few light greens, and then a decision about dark green.  Light and dark blue each get their own rows.  Does green deserve the same attention?  I guess I should think about the dimensions of the final quilt.  That might lead me in a direction.  With hand stitching, there is plenty of time to think about the next steps while zenfully sewing away the hours and days.  

I am so enjoying seeing everyone else finish up rainbow scrap projects. Your accomplishments bring me enough joy while I wait for my mojo to flow again.