Saturday, April 29, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday - Last of Purple?

Orange you glad that we are almost done with purple? I'm not so much done as I would like, but I am still looking forward to digging into orange on Monday. So I wasn't an academic team coach this year, but somehow they needed a female chaperone at the last minute and I got pulled in.  The team ended up finishing second in the state for division 1 with one of the members being named to Team Florida.   The competitions have always been at Disney in the past with the kids spending time between matches at the parks.  Florida has a thing about Disney now so we had to switch the dates and venue. Just when you think it can't get stranger.  The kids had fun at the resort though, they played mini golf and splashed in the pools.  The end of the school year is coming on fast!  Senior breakfast was yesterday, AP testing starts on Monday and graduation will be here before we can imagine.  
I hope to dig a bit deeper into the purple today.  It has been strangely stormy all week so I think I will get out for a walk early today.   Kurt is working on some built in shelves in my sewing space and some of the kids will be home for the summer in the next couple of weeks.  

Saturday, April 22, 2023


 So sorry for the delay today.  I am in Orlando without a computer this weekend and DH is trying to post for me 

Saturday, April 15, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday - Purple Pride

Thanks to the long Easter Weekend, I finally got some purple blocks up on the wall. It felt so good to just dig in and start putting scraps together.

Time will tell as to whether I have a bit more mental bandwidth today to put together some more detailed blocks.   There may just be a lot of simple blocks this month!  Sydney has come home for the weekend!  The end of the semester is near and we will have her and Ryan back for a bit.   They grow up so fast!

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Still lacking in purple on the design wall.  I am getting caught up bit by bit though.   
There is purple in the pipeline though, so it will be on the wall soon enough.   
There is an extra day this weekend to sew with the Easter holiday.  Looking forward to a nice walk on the beach and some time with the machine.   
How are your purple scraps coming together? Misterlinky is below, please share with us all.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday - Purple

A new month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge means a new color and we are ready to do a deep dive into purple!
I wish I could claim to have made great progress on green.  These three tiny green blocks tell a different story.  I do have plenty of pieces cut for plus blocks and sawtooth stars, so they will continue as leaders and enders while I sort through purple.   

I think that April will still be busy at work with dual enrollment things, but May will have to slow down as most of my time will be devoted to monitoring standardized tests.  Our school district has had quite a week with two principals and a guidance counselor all arrested for driving drunk last weekend and then the interim superintendent being put on leave on Tuesday.  It is all quite a mess, but it isn't my mess and I will keep doing what I do.  Prom was last night, we still have senior projects and grad bash to get through, and of course, graduation.   Seniors are making their college choices now and it is always exciting for them to plan the next steps.