Saturday, August 26, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday

Yellow hapiness! Just a few more days to finish up this month. September will be all about aqua. I won't talk about school at all this week, it just gets stranger with each new rule. Sydney is safely settled into her new apartment and got into the sorority that she had fallen in love with during rush. Anna is enjoying her fall routine but sad that everything is crowded again now that the undergraduates have returned. We are still sharing cars and waiting for Kurt's to come back from the shop, but I haven't been abandonded at work yet this year, so that is a win! Ryan was in a fender bender last weekend with one of the last two drivable cars. I am living in fear now that someone is going to crash my poor Subaru and I will be grabbing an uber to work every day.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday

Looking forward to some sunny yellow time today! Tomorrow we will deliver Sydney's stuff to her apartment, she already went up to start rush, but can't move in until 3 Sunday. So he has been couch surfing and we will bring so many boxes of clothes and everything else to her. The child does not know the meaning of minimalism! Honestly, I am not sure it will all fit!


Saturday, August 12, 2023

ScrapHappy Sunshiny Day

Just back from a run and looking forward to digging into some yellow today. I tried hard to get out before it got too hot, but I came back just dripping sweat.  Florida is August isn't quite a nice as in January.   Hopefully it will start to cool down soon.  
I have a quilt waiting for a back, a basket of yellow random happiness and a quilt on the frame.  
At least some of that will happen today.  

 We had a 2 day week with students, it was nice to settle in slowly.  We still can't teach AP Psychology or call students by any name not on their birth certificate.  What a strange world.  On Monday we are expecting the permission slip so that Thomas can be Tommy again and Cynthia and be Cyndi.   I do feel a bit bad for the kid whose parents named him Lester, but everyone is too terrified of being sued under the new law to risk anything that hasn't been officially sanctioned.  I keep hoping that once we get past this things will settle back to something more normal again.  Until then, fabric hasn't changed much and nobody has declared rainbow quilts to be illegal yet.   Let us sew!

Saturday, August 5, 2023

What day is it?

I got up bright and early today to go and take a test to become a certified media specialist. That makes me qualified to approve books! Somehow that made me forget what day it was. I just now realized it was Saturday and I never posted! Wow, I can't remember the last time that happened.  
I am going for happy chaos in the sewing studio.  I pulled out a few quilts that are ready to be finished. I haven't dug into the yellow for August yet, but I accomplished quite a few red hexie diamonds in July and not much else.  Sometimes hand stitching is just the right pace.  
Yesterday was registration when the kids pick up schedules. I spent much of it trying to talk kids out of dropping AP Psychology from their schedules in case Florida and College Board can't figure out how to amicably settle their disagreement without taking potential college credit away from thousands of students.  It seems now like the state department of education has blinked, but our district had already announced that we would not offer the course.  I am still guessing that things will work out without the kids having to drop the course.  I never could have predicted the path of education in our state.