Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back and Basting

I must admit that I have accomplished very little on the quilting front lately. School has taken over my life almost entirely, and the little bit of time and energy I have left at the end of the day is swallowed by the kids with their activities and agendas. Thanksgiving is looming though, and I had a mental deadline that I wanted to meet. The sisters choice quilt I promised Mom has been sitting in a corner of the study getting wrinkled since pre-planning started in August. I dusted it off (literally) and started the layering process yesterday after Ice skating, and girls day (movie lunch and shoe shopping). Sydney jumped right in and wanted to help with the "hand sewing" required to get a piece of batting big enough for this monstrously huge quilt.She thought sewing was pretty fun and wanted to know if I would buy her a machine when she was a grown up so she could sew too. She thought maybe she could sew with just her hands until then though.
I got it pinned up last night and this morning and even started on the actual quilting after more ice skating and before OM this afternoon. Tomorrow night is lost to sewing because we have a community action meeting about some proposed school rezoning that is going on. I guess I'd better get busy or it won't quite make it. I'm tempted to spend some time catching up on other people's blogs, but I guess that can wait for just a bit longer.