Saturday, April 25, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - Still Blue

 We are trying hard to come up with things for Sydney to do.  She is our extrovert and just wants to go hang out with her friends.  So we had her cut Kurt's hair.  And I bribed her to organize the pantry.  She made some cookies, and some banana bread.  Its been a long week.
 Apparently the sea turtle are doing remarkably well this year.  We saw our first nest of the season on a morning beach walk.
Then during one of our afternoon beach walks, there was a rocket launch.  Kurt keeps track and we usually try to go out and watch them go up.  
I finished my blue soul searching blocks.  
 And the nine patches from 2 inch squares are ready for framing.
 That just leaves these strings to finish off, and then I can start the sprouts blocks.  I"m not sure how I feel about blue flowers, but I'll give it a go.
How are your blue scraps coming along?  Plenty of time to sew, or lack of motivation to get anything done as the cabin fever sets in?  I swing back and forth personally, but there is plenty of time for both moods.
Here is the linky tool, let us know what you are up to as we all continue to distance physically but not socially.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Week 6

And so ends week 6 of home isolation.  That means 42 houses up on the wall. 
I've spread out a bit in the master bedroom.  Even though everything has to be cleared up again before the end of each day, it is worth it to play with fabric and enjoy.  I'm making good progress on blue scraps and the snails trails are seeing some forward momentum as well.  
On the home front, Sydney is going stir crazy and everyone has had a few moments of short fuses, but we are all making it through.  Days blend into one another as we keep reminding ourselves what day of the week it is.  Today was supposed to have been a school holiday, but they added it back in again as covid makeup.  School days versus non school days blend as well though, so it doesn't really change much.   
I made a nice roasted chicken on Wednesday and then did a chicken pot pie the next day.  My bread machine is getting a lot of use and the girls are baking up a storm.  It is raining right now, so the daily beach walk might not happen today, but tomorrow is another day.  Right now, I think I'll do a bit more sewing and then maybe grade a few essays.  

Saturday, April 18, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - Feeling Blue

I hope that you are not feeling blue.   I will admit that the home isolation days are starting to blend into one another. 
 There are 35 houses on the wall and I have another cut out for today. The fabrics were all happy this week.  Most of the New York Beauty scraps have been sorted and put away now though, so next week should be more blue.  The feeling of the houses does seem to change week to week depending on what fabrics are available. 
Soul Searching bits are ready to go as well.  I've done quite a bit of cutting and organizing of blue fabric this week.  So much blue!  Hopefully I will tame some of the chaos this month.  

Saturday, April 11, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - Blue

 Week 4 of home isolation end and so begins day 29 with 28 houses on the wall sewn into nice little rows. 
I'm still in the cutting and sorting phase of light blue, but sewing should begin today.  
Last night was family movie night.  The kids cooked dinner which was very nice.  Homemade ravioli.  Yum!  

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Day 26

 26 houses on the wall and we are all working our way through the phases of quarantine. 
 I think I'm in the nesting phase.  I spent a lovely afternoon sorting and cutting scraps.  I made some delicious home made chicken soup.  School is plugging along, but it doesn't take the 10 hours a day it usually would.  And so I am reading books and catching up on Netflix......
Plenty of time in the mornings for sunrises. So much time for lots of things.  

Saturday, April 4, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - Blue Skies

Nothing but blue skies.  The spring weather has been beautiful here and we have enjoyed time sitting on the balcony to enjoy it all.
 I dumped out my blue scraps this morning so that I can start to sort the light an brights from the darker shades.  Please excuse the hangers in the background.  My ironing board lives in the closet now that the two oldest are home from college for the foreseeable future.
I enjoyed these trees as we walked the dog last evening.  
These bikes each had a pair of shoes next to them outside the beach entrance which just struck me as cute.  Walking on the beach is a popular past time here, though I know that other coastal states have prohibited it.
Sewing is not on anyone's prohibited list though and I have plenty of everything I need to do that for many more days of home isolation.  So now, lets get started on blue!  Misterlinky is below.  Please share your blue beginnings.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Day 21

 Today was the first day of "safer at home".   I think there are still a handful of states who have not joined the party.  As a family, we've been almost exclusively at home for the last 21 days.  It is now finally official though, which still feels different somehow.  They will be closing the office at school and taping our doors shut.  The list of "essential" services is alarmingly long, but that's how we roll.  The beach at least is noticeably more empty than yesterday.  Given that the waves were beautiful for surfing, that was kind of amazing.  Surfing as it turns out is essential.  Who knew?
There are now 21 houses on the wall.  21 days at home and at least a few more to go.  Online learning is starting to settle in.  I've had two online "office hour" classes, lots of follow up messages, emails and reminders, virtual meetings and lots of good grace and humor.  It will get better as we adjust.  We all learned a lot this week though, and it will be easier next week.