RSC19 Sampler

I am working on a new sampler quilt for 2019.  It is going to be a collection of 4.5-inch blocks in an alternating straight and diagonal setting so that each framed finished block in the quilt will be 7 inches.  48 blocks will make a large lap sized quilt.  You may choose to make a different number of blocks of course.
Here are several options for sizing based on different numbers of blocks.
I'll be posting tutorials for sampler blocks on Tuesdays from January to October of 2019.

If you choose to use a single background fabric to set all the blocks, 3.5 yards should be sufficient.  You may of course, mix different fabrics.  You will need more fabric if you plan to add more blocks to make a larger quilt.

Because collaboration makes everything more fun, I'll also be inviting interested participants to submit a block design of their choice.  Feeling creative and want to write up a tutorial?  This is your time to try out block design or share your ideas with other quilters.
I'll have links to any guest designer blocks and keep make PDF files for easy access.  The blocks may be pieced or applique, modern or traditional.  The only thing that won't work is an original copywritten or published pattern that is the creative work of another quilter. Traditional blocks are fair game.
I'll work up some initial tutorials for framing the straight set and diagonal blocks.  Stay tuned for more details!

Straight Set #1                                      link to straight set #1               PDF for straight set #1
Straight Set #2                                      link to straight set #2               PDF for straight set #2
Diagonal Set #1                                    link to diagonal set #1             PDF for diagonal set #1
Diagonal Set #2                                    link to diagonal set #2              PDF for diagonal set #2

Block 1         straight                            link to string block                     PDF for string block
Block 2         diagonal                          link to applique circle                 PDF for applique circle
Block 3         straight                            link to kitty block                       PDF for kitty block
Block 4         diagonal                          link to 3-D bowtie block            PDF for 3D bowtie block
Block 5          straight                           link to heart block                      PDF for heart block
Block 6           diagonal                        link to nine patch and friends    PDF for Nine patch and friends
Block 7           straight                          link to Ohio Star                        PDF for Ohio Star & Friend
Block 8           diagonal                        link to tiny flower block             PDF for tiny flower block
Block 9            straight                         link to lemon peel                       PDF for lemon peel
Block 10          diagonal                        link to multiply                           PDF for multiply
Block 11           straight                        link to wonky log cabin              PDF for wonky log cabin
Block 12           straight                        link to owl block                         PDF for owl block
Block 13           straight                         link to string umbrella block      PDF for string block
Block 14           diagonal                       link to shoo fly block                  PDF for flower shoo fly
Block 15          diagonal                        link to courthouse steps block    PDF for courthouse steps
Block 16           straight                        link to spinner block                    PDF for spinner block
Block 17         diagonal                       link to spinning star                       PDF for spinning star
Block 18          straight                         link to reverse applique heart       PDF applique heart
Block 19          diagonal                       link to road to destination block   PDF for road to destination
Block 20          straight                         link to bear's bow tie block            PDF for  bears bow tie block
Block 21          diagonal                        link to rail fence block                  PDF for rail fence block
Block 22           straight                        link to monarch block                    PDF for monarch block
Block 23          diagonal                        link to fan block                             PDF for fan block
Block 24           straight                         link to block with no name           PDF for block with no name
Block 25           diagonal                       link to basket block                       PDF for basket block
Block 26            straight                        link to monkey wrench block       PDF for monkey wrench
Block 27            diagonal                      link to swirling four patch block   PDF for swirling four patch
Block 28            diagonal                       link to bear's paw block                PDF for bear's paw
Block 29            straight                        link to tiny fish block                    PDF for pig n fish
Block 30            straight                        link to tiny piglet block                PDF for pig n fish
Block 31            diagonal                      link to wonky star block                    PDF for wonky star
Block 32            straight                        link to violet block                            PDF for violet
Block 33            diagonal                       link to orange peel daisy                  PDF for orange peel daisy
Block 34            straight                         link to nine patch with rails block        PDF for nine patch rail
Block 35            diagonal                       link to double nine patch block             PDF for double nine
Block 37             straight                         link to quarter log cabin block             PDF for log cabin
Block 38             diagonal                       link to hourglass large block             PDF for hourglass large
Block 39             diagonal                       link to hourglass medium block        PDF for hourglass med
Block 40             diagonal                        link to hourglass small block           PDF for hourglass small
Block 41             straight                         link to storm at sea block                    PDF for storm at sea
Block 42             straight                           link to lantern block                          PDF for lantern
Block 43            diagonal                         link to card trick block                      PDF for card trick
Block 44            diagonal                          link to bright hopes block                 PDF for bright hopes
Block 45             straight                           link to floating stairs block               PDF for floating stairs
Block 46             diagonal                           link to geese circle block                  PDF for geese circle
Block 47             straight                           link to bulls-eye block                      PDF for bulls-eye
Block 48            diagonal                          link to split nine patch block            PDF for split nine patch
Block 49             straight                           link to cornerstones block                 PDF for cornerstones


Andee Neff said...

I am dreaming I might find time to join in on this for a baby sized quilt...or else do a different RSC with Bonnie block. I miss it!

Tu-Na Quilts said...

I would be interested in writing a tutorial for a block or two.

koberg said...

Why does the PF for block 7 not work. Also the Link to Ohio Star block 7 goes to block 8, tiny flower block?

grammajudyb said...

Hang in there, koberg! Angela will get it all straightened up! Selling her house, moving to a new one, holding down a full time job. It takes a toll!

kupton52 said...

Where is Block 36? Jumps from 35 to 37...