Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting Scrappy!

I ordered this quilter's saying panel from Keepsake Quilting and thought it would make a cute sampler type quilt. I started with just the log cabin blocks, but then thought I could do a variety of different blocks. I've got flying geese and hourglass blocks so far, I think I need two more patterns, one for the top left nine patch region, and then something different for the middle two four patches. The squares are only 3 inches finished, so it will be a little quilt, but it's been fun making tiny little blocks. My husband insists that we don't NEED any more bed quilts in the house, so I should make more little quilts. He thinks that just because we live in Florida people don't get cold.
I'm going to a crop tonight (that's a scrap booking party). I haven't been to one in ages and had to check to see if I even had pictures developed. I used to do lots of scrap booking and for a while was even up to date with all of my pictures. I've been spending more time quilting in the last couple of years, and my photos have fallen behind. My youngest daughter doesn't even have a baby book! I feel so guilty every time she asks to look at her baby book and we have to pull out the family book that covers the period of time when she was born. My oldest daughters baby book was the first thing I ever cropped and it is quite extensive. My son was born only 2 years later, so I used the same format and made one for him as well. And now I've fallen so far behind on the family album that I feel like I can't take a break and make another baby album. It will be fun to get out of the house, it seems like I've been stuck at home a lot lately.


country mouse said...

Love your little quilt! Those sayings are too fun. I sometimes think I need to start making some smaller quilts myself. Mine almost always end up larger than I've planned :)

Also nice to meet another quilter who is a runner. I am trying to get back in shape to run that 26.2 distance. Did it 5 times before I had my kids. I ran a half this past fall and would love to run a full this coming fall.

Kathy Wagner said...

I love your "quilter's wisdom" blocks...very fun and a great idea!