Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I put the final border on Carolina Crossroad and finished piecing the backing on Sunday. I pressed them both and hung them neatly in the closet with the other two flimsys waiting for quilting. As soon as I get back into quilting mode I'll be ready to take off.
I also put together another fabric shopping bag, although I refused to look the directions while I was doing it, and messed up the bottom seam somehow. I'll try again though, eventually I'll have enough to go shopping!
I have a doozie of a cold and slept for 13 hours yesterday! I even stayed home from work today, which I never do. I like to save my sick days for when the kids get sick, which always seems to happen when Dad is out of town.
I didn't have much energy for things quilty, but I organized some scraps, and picked all the quilt stuff up off the floor. This is what my formal living room looks like without a quilt on it! It looks too empty doesn't it?

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