Saturday, February 2, 2008

Weekend Update

I finished piecing the back for the Carolina Crossroads Mystery and put on the first border. I also finished the blocks for Running Stitches and as I suspected, I made 30 of each, not 30 total. So now I have enough for two quilts and need to decide how to make them different. I thought about making one with a regular straight setting and then cutting down the other set to make them sit on an angle. I think I'll put the blocks away for a bit and let them simmer, or at least half of them.
My mom called to say that one of my cousins had accidentally shot himself in the head and died. It wasn't one I was close to, but it is still a shock. He left a 3 year old daughter behind. My moms sister is going to take in the little girl and asked if we had saved any of the little princesses clothes. We had just given away two big batches of 2Ts and 3Ts to different neighbors, and I'm really regretting that now, but it's too late. I think I should make her a quilt at least, I'll have to find out what her favorite color is. Pink and purple would be my guess based on my own girls.
I took my oldest daughter to see the Hannah Montana movie this morning. I bought the tickets online, and chose the first showing of the morning. I'm so glad I did. We walked right in without any trouble. The line of people waiting to get in as we were leaving was really frightening. The mall was full of groups of mothers and daughters who had either just gotten out or were ready to go in. It was pretty cute to see everybody in their 3D glasses.
My husband finally finished the stained glass inserts for the front door. We've been talking about doing stained glass since we moved in 4 years ago. It was supposed to be my project, because I'm crafty. As much as I've tried to cut glass, I've just never been very good at it. I'm so thankful that he picked up the project and took care of it so that I could stop feeling guilty about not having done it.
Now he's started painting in the little princesses room. He had already done superheros for our son, and the youngest decided that she was old enough to pick her own theme. This is the same daughter that was a ballerina spider kitty cat princess for Halloween. For her room she wanted a strawberry shortcake mermaid, castle, rainbow, and my little pony. I think they've worked out a compromise of some sort.
My local quilt shop is having a super bowl sale and we have been invited to a friends house to watch the game. I think there will be 3 or 4 other couples there as well. I need to think of some tasty or creative appetizer to bring, my husband is voting for meat of some sort.

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