Sunday, July 13, 2008

Plugging Ahead

I'm still working on the Dad's Plaids block. I know if I could just sit down and spend 2 hours on it i would have the blocks done, but two uninterrupted hours don't come easy around here. I only have a few of the star blocks, because they are fussier to make, so I think I'll place those strategically in the middle.
I've been tired by the time I get all the kids down and happy to curl up with a book. I read a cute one yesterday by Sophie Kinsella , it was on the new book shelf at the library. I've tried to read her shopping series in the past, but I don't have any patience for all the shopping talk. I've read two of her other books though that are very cute. Not exactly cerebral, but good light escapism.
I'm still going through all of the kids old school papers getting them ready to go into scrapbooks. It's so hard to figure out how much to keep and how much to throw away. I end up taking pictures of the bigger stuff and putting those in the scrapbook so that the originals can go away. This is the Thanksgiving leaf from preschool where Ryan was thankful for his refrigerator, and a self portrait by his very first girl friend, Caroline.

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Rhonda said...

Your Dad's Plaids is coming along nicely... I love the blues!
Great idea of taking pictures of the kids' creations. I wished I had thought of that for my kids.