Thursday, July 3, 2008

Something Good in the Mail

I ordered a Thimblelady thimble ages ago. It was right after Christmas, and I waited patiently, knowing that it was coming all the way from Australia. Eventually I contacted them and asked where my thimble was, so they sent another. Finally, I asked a third time and asked for an address verification, thinking something must be wrong. Sure enough, Paypal had the wrong shipping address and the thimbles had been going to the house we sold four years ago. It was entirely my own fault for not checking the address, but they sent me another thimble anyway. I am so impressed with their customer service! I have to wonder what the lady who bought my house is doing with all my thimbles? I am pretty sure she doesn't sew.
Anyway, they have been incredibly polite and accommodating. I saw the Thimblelady on Simply Quilts, and her hand quilting is just incredible. She quilts with the side of her finger and a deeply dimpled thimble, which is supposed to improve comfort and control. I'm anxious to see how it works. I've got the Elm Creek Quilt ready to go. I'll let you know how it tuns out. Maybe after Mom has left I'll have some time to practice.

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

YES---PLEASE DO! Please let us know how the thimble works out. I am not accustomed to hand-quilting, and even though I use a thimble (on my middle right finger), my thumb and fore-finger get sore because I use them just as much to direct the needle.