Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Last night was our Girl Scout meeting. Childcare was the theme, so we had a babysitting clinic and practiced on all our little brothers and sisters. I think the girls all have a new appreciation for how difficult it is to take care of someone else.
That didn't leave me much time to get in quality time with my sewing machine yesterday, but I made up for that today. I squeezed in a solid hour before the school bus come and managed to get the top of Dad's Plaids done. Not done done, but quilted at least. If I hadn't had another Girl Scout meeting tonight I would have had time to get the binding put on. I should be able to do that tomorrow and call it finished!
I snapped this picture of Sydney this weekend and thought it was just way too funny. When do kids stop sleeping with their little bottoms up in the air? She was one tired girl. I'd better go now, I've promised my forensic science class a quiz tomorrow and I haven't written it yet.


Amanda said...

I have al album full of my sons sleeping in odd positions or odd places, I collected them all up to put together. Priceless.

Julie said...

That is so cute. I could never sleep that way!