Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finishing to Start Anew

I finally stitched down the binding on Dad's Plaids this afternoon! I'll still need to do the hand finishing before I can run it through the wash. I got a little carried away with the washable markers in deciding on a quilting pattern.

There are stars in the main squares with little clovers in the four patches where the corners meet. Then I did a heart kind of feather in the border to finish it off. This quilt was HUGE and it feels great to have it done. The recycled shirts are all soft and snugly, which makes it super comfy to sit under while I am stitching the edges. As much as I love the way the finished quilt turned out, it was challenging to work with so many types and textures of fabric. I have a better idea now what to look for when shirt shopping.
We went out to dinner tonight and I couldn't resist popping into the goodwill to pick up a couple of new shirts. I have a pattern in mind for those, I'll let it simmer for a little while.

Being so happy to have a finish, I took a little bit of time this evening to put together another chaos quilt. I used an alternate straight set with this one, and cut up half blocks to make the border. It's just the right size for another nursing home quilt, I think I still have some green thread that I'll use to quilt something decorative in the setting squares. Maybe a star?


Rhonda said...

Congrats on finishing your Dad's Plaids! The quilt is awesome!

Amanda said...

The finished quilt looks great. I can't remember - are you keeping this one, or is it a present? The nursing home quilt looks good too, I think stars in the plain squares would be lovely. I'm sure that the old people will have such fun looking at the different fabrics.