Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Let the Quilting Commence

After all of the backbreaking work of basting the Plaid quilt this weekend, I couldn't help but jump into the quilting on Monday. I have a tiny window of time after work but before the kids are home from school and I've been able to get a row or so done each day. I would have loved to come back to it in the evenings, but Monday was Girl Scouts and Tuesday was the presidential debate. Through a process of negotiation (this quilt is going to live on the master bed) I decided to echo the star pattern in the plain blocks and do stitch in the ditch in the star blocks. Then the little corner four patches get a flower/four leaf clover treatment and I move onto the next block. It's not quite as much quilting as I think I would like, but I can always add more later. It will probably take plenty of time just to get minimal quilting done with the size of this guy.
I haven't made the progress I would have liked because I have managed to catch a monster of a head cold. I'm making it through the day upright, but by the time I'm home for the day I'm happy to just curl up in cozy chair with a quilt and cup of tea. It's been raining every day this week which just adds to that need to snuggle and hibernate. Next week is an odd week at school with short days for testing and conferences and inservices. The quarter is ending, so all of that down time should give me a chance to finish off all of the loose ends.


Amanda said...

The quilting is looking good - won't it be great to get it finished and on the bed. It sounds as if you've got the 'new school year cold'. I always used to get one during the first few weeks of the new year too.

Quilt Pixie said...

quilting is about a process -- so why hurry that which you do for enjoyment... stretching it out given a head cold and busy evenings makes much more sense then trying to "cram" it all in. Hopefully you'll get full enjoyment from it :-)

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Your next week sounds like my this week.
Half day today because of Teacher Inservice; No school for kids tomorrow or Friday because of Teacher Convention; and then next week all of the 7th graders are heading out of town to Wolf Ridge (basically a school forest). Since I have 7th graders for most of the day, I get some down-time; however I "Share the wealth" with the 8th grade teachers and take those kids on to Test Prep.

AND----*cough-cough*----I feel the headcold coming on myself---GRRRRRR!!!!

Hope you enjoy some down-time/catch up time yourself next week.

Julie said...

Take care of yourself! And you will get this big quilt quilted - just a little bit at a time. Looks good.

Lori said...

I hope, you are feeling better.