Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nothing Like a Nice Quiet Weekend at Home

As my dear husband would say, "You're right, it is nothing like a nice quiet weekend at home." The men folk have departed for Cub Scout camping, leaving us girls here to fend for ourselves. It's been a drizzly weekend so far, interrupted by brief bits of dampness. Ice Skating was first on the list this morning, followed by the Girl Scout beach clean-up. We went straight from there to see High School Musical 3 and eat a late lunch. The girls were happy to veg for a while after all the activity, which allowed me a little time to layer and quilt my most recent chaos quilt. Wow do these little guys come together in a hurry. I'm being very original and calling it Lime Green Chaos Quilt. I did a simple meaner in the crumb blocks with some stars in the setting squares. Miss Sheila, my co-leader, is kind enough to hand-sew the binding on the nursing home quilts, so this one is done done as far as I am concerned. The next two Girl Scout meetings are for the girls to work on their quilts, and the weekend after next I'm having a workshop with another troop so that they can make some as well. Assuming everyone shows up and all goes well, that should add another 18 quilts to the stack. I've got a stack of Dresden plate blades that I've done as leaders and enders, I think they might be almost ready to make their way into my next nursing home quilt. It should be a little more traditional than my last two.


Julie said...

They should love the lime green! My kids had to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Catchin' up with your life---sorry that MY life has kept me away from you.
I ADORE the lime green beauty! And yeah---it sure DID seem to go together quickly.

That pic of Sydney a few posts back is HA-LARIOUS!!!
AND, I can't wait to see you make more progress on your Irish Chain. I can't believe how fast mine is coming together as a leader-ender! However, I'm to the point where I need to cut up some more 2" squares. I'm gettin low.

Dad's Plaids looks wonderfully snuggly! I can understand your comment about the knowing what to look for in used-shirts now, too. I've also gone through my share of "didn't-know-what-to-look-for" frustrating shirt fabrics.

Finally, thank you for the updates on Zach..what an adorable boy. My thoughts will definitely be going out to him and your sister.

Candace said...

What a pretty happy quilt. The lucky recipient will love it, I'm sure.