Monday, October 13, 2008

One and Two Halves

It was a weekend of this and that. There was a football game on Friday, but still not feeling well, I decided to skip it. 12 hours of sleep do a lot to helping your immune system catch up. Saturday morning brought ice skating for the girls and a chess tournament for Ryan. I let Kurt choose duties in exchange for the extra slack he's picked up all week while I've been sick. I ended up with the all day long chess and took along a little Dear Jane to work on while Ryan was in his matches. Ryan had a good day. After loosing his first game, he won the next three and had a stalemate on the last. He got a trophy for 6th place in his K-3 age group and another for biggest upset. If we knew more about how the other players are all rated we could probably figure out who he wasn't supposed to beat. We aren't exactly experts though, and just go for the fun at this point.
I finished my first quilt block early on. It is Hot Cross Buns (B5) with 15 pieces. I started on Sweet Tater Pie (B2) next with the intention of attempting curved piecing again instead of doing the applique I love so much. I had everything precut though and accidentally mirror cut two of the outside white bits. So, being unable to finish that block, I went onto Poof (G5) and got most of the background sewn together before the end of the day. It doesn't seem like much for 7 hours of waiting, but it was broken up into small fragments.
Sunday afternoon was our first meeting for OM (Odyssey of the Mind). Kurt is going to be the coach, and both Anna and Ryan are on the same team. They are supposed to be building some sort of structure out of balsa wood to hold up weight. I'm trying to not get involved and let Kurt do things his way. Still, it was a bunch of new people coming to our house, so the morning was spent getting everything company clean. I was unwilling to mess the kitchen up so soon after all of my hard work, so we went to CiCi's for dinner.
It doesn't seem like much for an entire weekend, but I guess that's the way it is sometimes. I puttered around with Dad's Plaids during down time. I think I've finished about four and a half rows now with about 7 and a half to go. It's coming along and I'm happy with the way it is working out.

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Julie said...

I would certainly hate to know that "new people" were coming to my house right now. I have junk everywhere trying to get ready for the Stitchers Angel swap and the Bonnie Hunter workshop.