Friday, October 17, 2008

Rainy Day

No pictures today, I brought the camera to Georgia, but not all the cables and cords to download them. I'll try to remember to take some though, even though we aren't doing anything too exciting. My sister is at the hospital with Zach (19 months old) who is having issues with pneumonia and seizures and low heart rate. He has Down Syndrome and started out with open heart surgery at 7 weeks of age. It's been a little rocky since then, but hopefully he'll come through this too. I am afraid to visit him at the moment with my lingering head cold. Instead we are hanging out with Austin and Paige, his older brother and sister. They are about the same ages as Ryan and Sydney and all are getting along fabulously. Poor Anna is feeling a little left out, but I can't produce an extra cousin for her out of thin air. It's been raining all day, so the kids have concentrated on spreading toys all over the house. My mom has taken the girls out to get their fingernails painted. I would have found a bottle of polish and done them all up at home, but she claimed grandmothers prerogative and took them all to a nail salon. I brought along my Elm Creek Sampler and have been diligently hand quilting which is a nice cozy way to spend a rainy day. I'm hoping it will stop raining so I can get in a nice long run while I'm here. My partners are doing 15 while I'm here and I already missed last weekend while I was sick.


Julie said...

There is a really nice quilt store not too far from you. In Hogansville, called 1910 House Quilt shop. It is a nice one!

Amanda said...

It sounds very cosy, sitting hand sewing whilst it's raining outside and the children are all happily occupied. My husband had a Downs Syndrome brother who also had a hole in the heart and caused the family a lot of worries when he was young, but he came through and lived until he was in his thirties, having a wonderful happy life and giving a lot of love to his family and friends.