Thursday, October 23, 2008


I signed up for a scrap exchange a while ago. I have mine ready to send off, but haven't popped it in the mail yet. However, I got this fabulous package of scraps from Emily. She even included an adorable quilted card and a lovely note saying she noticed that I used lots of brights in my quilts and tried to focus on those. Thanks so much Emily!
While I was in a scrappy mode, I pulled out the scrap bin this afternoon and trimmed down some squares. I won a bag of scraps a while back on eBay and have been working my way slowly through those. It's so fun to play with all the little bits and pieces and think about how much fun it will be to put them all together. I think I'll definitely start working on my Irish Chain quilt as soon as I am ready to start another finish.
I was scheduled nonstop all day, so it was nice to sit outside today watching the kids play and sorting through my scraps. It's been a busy week so far, and I think this is the first night I haven't had to go out to a meeting of some sort. My mom called earlier to say that my nephew Zach is back in the hospital again (he came home yesterday). It isn't the bronchial problem they thought it was, so they've scheduled him for a heart catheterization tomorrow. They've moved him from the local hospital he was at previously, back to the heart center where he had his surgery a year and a half ago. If his patches are failing, they will be the best people to deal with the issue. The poor little guy has been through so much in his life, I hope this doesn't end up needing more surgery.

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Julie said...

Poor little Zach. He looks like such a sweet little guy too. I hope all is well and no surgery is needed.