Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend Visit

We're having a nice time in Georgia visiting the family. We've had my nephew and niece all weekend, and my brother came today with his son, so the gang is almost all here. The kids are enjoying the fall weather. Sydney had a realization yesterday that they probably call it fall because the leaves are FALLING off the trees. She wants to gather some up and take them back to share with her class at school.
My sister wasn't able to make it, she's still at the hospital with Zach. They think they have figured his seizures out now, but the pneumonia still isn't responding to antibiotics. They don't want him to go home until he is breathing room air for at least a day. I think we'll go out that way tomorow and visit them both at the hospital.
The kids all played football in the back yard and then captured bugs. Then they decided to dug up worms so they could go fishing. Thankfully they didn't catch anything or we would have had to clean fish for dinner. We've ordered pizza instead -- much easier.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Looks like it's at least a little chilly for once!! (What? Maybe 70 degrees???) *wink* Jeans and even a sweatshirt on you----whew! 'bout time some cooler temps make there way to you :0)

I'm sure you're enjoying being an Aunt today----and I know what you mean about the fish/pizza issue. HOWEVER, as long as I don't need to clean (or cook) the fish, I never mind a plate full of fresh fish ;0)

I'm hoping your nephew is back at 'em soon or that you'll at least be able to see him before you need to head back home.

And---running----15? WHEN is your marathon again? February? Don't fret about missing some long runs---still plenty of time to build :0)

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

BTW---that family pic is adorable, perfect, precious. Good looking family!