Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday -- That's My Fun Day

My I don't have to run day.

In digging out my UFO for May, I managed to completely tear apart most of my sewing stuff. I must have started randomly stuffing things in bins the last time company came, because I was finding all sorts of goodies in strange places. I did manage to find my UFO, but it doesn't seem to have as many pieces as I remember. I'll have to ponder that one a while longer.
I also found the bag of extra nine patches that I made while I was working on Double Delight. I searched high and low for them when I made doll quilt for scalloped border practice last week. Sydney has requested her own doll quilt, so those will come in handy. I also have some more extra partial Irish chain blocks and assorted other extra random bits and bobs. I couldn't resist putting some more 9 patches together, they are just do darned cute.

While sorting through it all, I decided to make a few extra doll quilts for the slumber party next weekend. Anna helped me match 5 sets of rail fence blocks. All the doll quilt planning made me remember the doll pillow that CrazyMomQuilts had on her blog a while ago. I dug some pillow looking fabric out of the scrap bin and cut out some adorable little pillow forms. The formal living room looks like a quilt shop exploded, and I actually accomplished very little, but I had quite a bit of fun. That should count for something, right? And look at how much Kit likes her new pillow.

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Well dear, I am really looking forward as to how you are going to piece all those rail-fences together. Thankfully my Wafer Cookie UFO hasn't been drawn by Nancy yet----that one still stumps me with all the rail-fences. So....INSPIRE ME dear!!! :0)

I'm so glad that you had such an enjoyable "non-productive" day :0) I'm sure the sewing buckets got a bit of organizing though?????

Here's to your three week count-down.