Friday, May 8, 2009

Slumbering? Not So Much

These are the doll quilts for our slumber party. Anna chose the colors and laid out the blocks. She requested that they be sewn into sleeping bags and come with coordinating pillows. Two of the quilts use a pinwheel pattern that I like to call whirly fences, because it was insired by the whirlygig quilts that I am seeing everywhere these days. I'll definitely have to put that one on my list. The two light quilts are a woven ribbon kind of pattern. The pictures were taken before I did the quilting last night. I should have taken pictures of the finished product before it was rolled up, but I always think of those things too late. The binding is a little frightening. I fininished both sides by machine and then zigzaged two sides to make it into a sleeping bag. I thought that way they could be unzigged later if someone would rather have just a quilt. (So much prettier spread on a little doll bed).
Here are the finished sleeping bags all rolled up and waiting to hop into gift bags to become party favors. I had to promise both Anna and Sydney to make more for them, but I ran out of time so it will have to wait until after the party.

Here are several overly excited girls ready to open presents. I am thankful it is a small group. One of our guests is having a sleepover soon with over 20 girls. Yikes!

Anna chose an American Girl Tea Party theme. Everyone brought their dolls and then set them at a table decoratively and ignored them the rest of the evening. I am posting lots of photos because my mom reads this blog (Hi Mom). She can never get enough of kid pictures.

Now they are all doing origami and I am trying to stay out of it. Soon there will be more running and screaming. Eventually I hope to quarantine them all to the toy room and let them destroy that instead of the rest of the house. I hope you all have wonderful plans for the weekend. I'm going to be picking confetti out of the rug and proofreading finals. Makes you want to have my life, doesn't it?
Happy Friday everyone.


Amanda said...

So rather you than me!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Thanks for giving me some heads-up-great-ideas for when Cassie is allowed to have her first sleep-over. To date, she's only had friends over the day.
You've been busy this week, for sure! Quite inspirational! I'm so excited to finally get back downstairs myself! I arrived home last night around 8:00pm from the Math conference.
Enjoy your proofing....

Julie said...

Those sleepovers can be a trial can't they? LOL. What lucky girls to get such nice party favors. :-)
Only 9 student days left for us. I can't wait for summer break1!