Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back Home

We literally grabbed the kids out of the pool after lunch and threw them kicking and dripping into the car. They were having a great time hanging out with their cousins and assorted other family members. Kurt had a flight to catch and so we dropped him at the airport on the way home and are now settled in and recovering from a whirlwind vacation.
We were staying at a really lovely resort not far from Disney, but spending most of our time at Universal. The kids like the old Universal more than the new, but gave high marks to the Simpson's Ride and the Mummy Roller Coaster. Anna got chosen to be part of the show at Disaster and thought that was very fun. We all rode the Bilge River Barge ride again and again, and then spent the rest of the day leaving soggy wet prints everywhere we went.
Afternoons were spent lounging by the pool, or at least getting as close to lounging as possible while watching and playing referee to lots of little splashing bundles of energy. By evening, everyone was tired and willing to sit peacefully through a nice meal at a nearby restaurant.
The kids played musical hotel rooms at night and everyone had a chance to sleep over with someone at some point. The kids even had a few minutes to hang out in the rooms and play bakuguan or cards between activities.

Ryan got along especially well with his cousin Dean. They were born only a few days apart and seem to have a special bond. They walked arm in arm or hand in hand through all of the parks. They were so cute I couldn't resist snapping a few snapshots.
As much fun as vacations are, it is always so good to come home again. The rest of the family will be there for the rest of the week, so we might end up trekking back again if the kids have their way. Today though, I'm going to unload suitcases, get started on some laundry, and maybe find some time to get some sewing done after dinner. With Kurt out of town I can sew into the wee hours and not disturb anyone.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Ah, to be so close to some fun attractions!!! One of these years we may get down to Florida for some Disney attractions. However, we're actually thinking of a drive out West next summer for a family vaca.

Sewing into the wee hours of the night? Holy buckets! I don't know if I could do that; at least not right now. I'm still beat and tired! I hope I "catch up" soon so that I can get busy with sewing (and running and gardening and cleaning house and.....)

Dr. Quiltmom said...

Ohhh we get to go on vacation next week. We are flying to Wisconsin for a family reunion. MY kids also get along well with their cousins. I wish we were going to an amusement park...well on second thought maybe not. Door county sounds better.