Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brownian Motion

I would probably make more progress if I could decide what I actually want to work on and focus my energies on one project. Strangely, I seem to be incapable of that. Until inspiration strikes, I guess I am destined to bounce randomly from one project to another. This is G5 of my long term Dear Jane Quilt. I appliqued the top part during ice skating yesterday. I did the little stripes during a chess tournament several months ago, and now that I have it pressed I can see that I was a little random on the seam allowance. C'est La Vie. Finished is better than perfect.
Most of today was spent on more exciting tasks like yard work and car detailing. Also, I sewed together another section of sock monkey blocks. Seriously, all the excitement makes you long to be me, doesn't it? On the bright side, I picked Kurt up at the airport and he can handle some of the fun for me as soon as he is over his jet lag.


Amanda said...

I've stalled at about 20 DJ blocks, but hope to do some more some time. I don't think the seam allowance differences will be at all noticeable once you get several stitched together - well, that's the excuse I'm using for all my inaccuracies and I'm happy to share! It sounds as if you're having a perfect summer rest, pottering and relaxing and letting your overworked nerves have a rest.

Rhonda said...

Oh I know about THAT long term project. Mine is a very very very long term project. lol Glad to here you've joined in on the fun. Have a wonderful summer! :-)

Candace said...

Your block looks perfect to me, and I'm sure that when you finish "bouncing", you will have several great finishes. One thing is for sure, you are prolific and talented and you accomplish wonders with all you have to do. It is yard work for me today, I need to get going before it reaches the 90's and the clouds open. We have a new neighbor who keeps working in a monsoon, but I'm not so hardy.