Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I decided to use brights for the Christmas Lights mystery quilt. I didn't have any good blacks to go with the muted selection, so I'll save those for something else. I made way too many four patches and then sewed all of the little split diagonal patches the same way. I got those fixed, but still need to square them all up. The HSTs are cut but not sewed.
I would have loved to sew the day away, but the house was in need of a little attention. I took this "before" shot of the kitchen which had become a drop off point for all the post vacation refuse that seems to magically collect while the house sits empty. 3 days of newspapers and mail, unpacked snacks, groceries and assorted random stuff had filled the counters and begun to overflow onto the floors.

We have a babysitter coming tonight so I can go to a spa night with a group of ladies from work. I need to go and put together a veggie tray to take along. Not before I admire my shiny clean kitchen though. I am so easily amused it is silly.


Micki said...

You had a very prductive day!

Amanda said...

I don't think there's any point doing housework unless you can actually see the results!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

First, I was pluggin along, chain sewing all those split diagonals as well before SOMEHOW I remembered that they needed to be sewn opposite. Thankfully, I only had THREE to unsew when I realized this!! I LOVE the brightness of your 4-patches!

Second----I know EXACTLY what you did with your kitchen---you simply grabbed a big box and swiped your arm along the counters, dumping everything in the box as you went. Yup, yup....that's my theory and I'm stickin' to it!!

Nah, really. Very nice job. I bet it feels SO GOOD to just sit and admire the cleanliness; no stressing over any clutter or piled up dishes. Yes, Yes, very nice.