Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shuttle Home and Summer Begun

This isn't a picture I took. Mine looks like a little white blob behind a power wire. But here is the shuttle coming home again. Each time I see it now I can't help thinking that there won't be too many more opportunities. They keep talking about extending the life of the shuttle program, and people around here are obviously in favor, but the idea makes me nervous. The odds of something bad happen seem to grow exponentially with each passing month, and I can't help wondering if it is worth the risks. I'm sure the job losses will be painful until the new program is up and running, and I can see why everyone would want to minimize that impact as much as possible. There are no easy answers I guess.
On a related note, my husband's company laid people off today. They didn't just announce that there were going to be lay offs, they fired 170 people and had security escort them out of the building. Can you imagine? I think the number is something like 1,000 company wide, but not all of those jobs are local. He is quite sure that his job isn't in any danger at all, and nobody on his program was on the list, but it seems to be hitting too close to home for my comfort. My own company has made cuts as well, and our contracts for next year contain renegotiation provisions that will take effect if things don't improve. I try not to dwell on the negatives, but it does all leave me a little anxious.
On to other topics! I finished the binding on Things Quilters Think today. It has a hanging sleeve and only wants for a label. I'm a bit up in the air over what to work on next. The June UFO hasn't been announced yet. I need to work on a border for Double Delight. I also have a BOM from Connecting Threads that is calling my name. So many choices -- luckily they go nicely with so many days in summer vacation.

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