Sunday, February 7, 2010

Little Bits at a Time

I didn't accomplish anything major today, but I did a little bit of lots of things. Working backwards, I just (finally) put the last border on Christmas lights and pieced a back. We had Odyssey of the mind from 4 to 6 which doesn't really require me. Before that I took Anna to a class on how to potty train your dog and then to a Superbowl sale at my local quilt shop. I walked out without a single thing (gasp!) But none of the sales seemed that stunning to me. This morning was devoted to cutting happy block pieces so that I could put them away and clear off the dining room table. I also emptied and organized that pesky drawer next to the fridge that collects all the random refuse of our lives. I know you all have one just like it. Now we are cooking appetizers to eat during the Superbowl after which I will (finally) pull out the Dear Jane blocks I want to get prepped.

I need sub plans for tomorrow, so I'll work on those next. Then it is laundry that needs folding and kids that need bathing. Just a normal Sunday around here. I hope you all have lots of fun quilting planned during the big game. Happy Sunday.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

yah you! I know how much you love to do borders, so it was a GREAT accomplishment for a "normal" Sunday! When do you take off for your cruise?

Allyson said...

Love your Christmas Lights quilt! What a fun quilt. And I just love that you pieced a scrappy back. That's the way to go. I get excited when I use up older pieces of fabrics on my backs. It makes me feel like I'm putting them to good use and I don't feel guilty about not liking them anymore.

Cornfield Quilter said...

I LOVE your Christmas Lights quilt! I wanted to do it so much but just couldn't get around to it. I have printed out the instructions and hope to make it someday. Great Job!