Monday, February 8, 2010

Strange Day

I had sub plans ready and several Dear Jane blocks prepped with expectations of spending the day waiting. Kurt was going to stay home with Ryan when my day got canceled and his got booked up. So I ended up with Ryan at the doctor getting a breathing treatment and warnings about his cough trying to turn into pneumonia. He's fast asleep now, leaving me alone with my sewing machine. I had already made the center portion of this Dear Jane block. I'm not sure when, but it turned up last night whilst I was getting things tidied. So here is Cabin Fever -- number A9 which has 45 pieces and is (of course) paper pieced. I keep repeating the Dear Jane moto, "Finished is Better than Perfect. I need to remember to cut my pieces bigger when paper piecing. They always seem huge to me and end up just fitting over the seam allowance. Still, I'm getting more competent at it the more I practice. I didn't have to reverse sew all that much and most of the seams match somewhat.

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Amanda said...

When you say you paper pieced this DJ block, do you mean that you used foundation piecing, or English patchwork?