Saturday, February 6, 2010


I didn't exactly get an early start this afternoon. As soon as everyone was in bed though, I pulled out my quilt kit from the mail and got it all put together. It went together super easy. Isn't it bright and cheery? I even perservered and got both borders on. I can baste and quilt tomorrow I hope after chess while Ryan is at football if the girls will play nicely for a while. If I can get it done by the afternoon I can walk it over to Miss Sheila for binding. I haven't read any of the directions about where to send it back, but I'll have to be sure to follow through on that. Somehow I always drop the ball when a trip to the post office is required. I'd like to spend some time this weekend getting some handwork ready to go for the cruise and such. Dear Jane blocks make a nice take along project.


Amanda said...

I like the idea of the kit, and that such a simple design is what they want. How lovely to have your cruise to look forward to during this dreary term.

heather said...

That is cute. I love the bright colors.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors that were sent to you! I know you'll make it to the post office :0)

And just like last year---be sure to save enough room in that suitcase for me!!!!

Shasta said...

I'm making one of these now. I should get back to it instead of playing on the internet.