Monday, April 5, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

The first day back after a break is never easy, so I tried to ease everyone in today with some simple labs. Just 5 weeks until seniors are done, and then one more week for the underclassmen before exams -- not that anyone is counting down. The last of the spinning stars blocks are done and ironed. Since I don't have enough of any single green to make the sashing, I switched over to these leader and ender four patches. I've seen something similar to this pattern several places, I think most recently over and Candace's blog. It uses sixteen patches and four patches surrounded with white. I thought it would be cool to try red around the single four patches, but I didn't have any, so white it is. I've got a huge shoe box full of squares, so maybe if this one turns out well I'll do the next one with red. I'm making this the same size that I use for the Girl Scout Happy Blocks, so it can be a charity quilt and go with those when it is done. It is, of course, designed to be a practice piece for the new HQ 16 which is supposed to be here on April 20th (not that anyone is counting of course).
There was an e-mail in my inbox today announcing that Jennifer Chaiverini has a new book out. You can read the first chapter on the Elm Creek Quilts web site. She usually has a book released during spring break every year, and I looked for it, hoping to have something to read during the vacation. Maybe I can get it over the weekend when the rest of the group is off to the big OM state competition.
I hope everyone had a great first day back after the Easter holiday. Happy quilting to all.

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Micki said...

Thanks for telling us about Jennifer's book...I love her books!