Saturday, April 3, 2010

Big News

I'm not sure if I mentioned that I had been considering the purchase of a midarm quilting machine. I pondered for a while and then put it out there so my husband could dwell on it a while as well. He had a little initial sticker shock, but eventually came around to my way of thinking. He was stuck on the math of how many quilts you would have to pay someone else to finish before making up the cost of getting a machine to do it yourself. I think he eventually came to understand that I would rather be able to do my own than ship my tops off to strangers. After much mental fermentation and consideration, I finally went into my local quilt shop this morning and ordered a handiquilter 16 with stitch regulator, pro frame and an adjustable table.

It should be here in two to three weeks, so no pictures yet, for now I've stolen these from google images. This has, of course set off a frenzy of organizing, planning and trying to finish things off. I've got a couple of "good" tops that I wouldn't want to risk messing up, so my short term goal is to come up with some practice tops that I wouldn't cry over if things didn't look too wonderful at first. My plan is to start with a plain fabric sandwich before switching to a couple of preprinted panel quilts and then onto utility scrap quilts before loading on things that I care about. I am pulling things out now to match up tops and backs and starting a list of things that I need (I am completely out of batting!) Add to that the reorganization of the furniture in the guest bedroom to make room for the new machine and I guess it is a good thing that shipping takes a couple of weeks.
We are headed to an Easter Party this afternoon, but other than that, it is a nice quiet weekend at home. Kurt did get his new car on Wednesday, I have yet to ride in it, but the kids think it is pretty nice. While we were out shopping there was an incident with our neighbors son and another neighbor's dog. We pulled into the driveway just as all the fire tucks and police cars were leaving and right before animal control showed up. He is home from the hospital now and seems to be doing well, but it does make you think about how quickly accidents can happen. Sydney would have been out playing with him if we had been home and it could have just as easily been her in emergency surgery getting sewn back together. There is a big controversy now as to whether or not the dog should be allowed to come home again. I hope it doesn't all end up in a nasty law suit.


Amanda said...

I think an imagination is the worst thing that parents can have - the 'what if' scenarios are just so scary. What a wonderful thing to be looking forward to though, your new quilting machine. I shall really look forward to seeing pictures and seeing what you manage to achieve.

Candace said...

Wow, congratulations. I think you are going to have a fun summer. It looks like a dream machine, and like Amanda, I'll be enjoying what you share.

Dr. Quiltmom said...

Wow, How fun, I have discussed getting one too. I don't think it will come to fruition for me though. I am looking forward to following your progress.

Shiree said...

well done you! I have a new mid-arm also, and having lots of fun with it!!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Doing a happy dance!!! Doing a happy dance!!!
The "twin"dom has returned!!!! My "entry-level" mid-arm and frame should be arriving tomorrow. I'll be watching you enjoy your time setting up in preparation---8 hours yesterday took care of that for me.

So exciting to head to the next level of quilting with my online-quilting-running-twin ;0)
(yea---running...what's that?!?!?)