Saturday, April 10, 2010

Four Square Flimsy

I just finished putting the blocks together for Four Square. I think I'll save the ironing for tonight whilst watching some TV. I got the extra I spy squares cut out last night as well, so I could get that one put together, except that I don't have enough of any particular green for the sashing strips. I could mix in some more sashing fabric or just set it aside until I can get to the fabric store -- not sure which I'll do yet. I've been twice this week already which gives you some idea of the sorry state of my stash. I always have enough to start a quilt, but never enough to finish it. Sydney and I went into school this morning to help out with a solar garden that the students are putting in. That led into a birthday party this afternoon. The rest of the gang just got back from the big OM competition, so they are all tired and grumpy. Maybe they will all have an early night so that I can get some more blocks sewn together?

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

It's official! I LOVE scrappy bright/white quilts! (I already knew that though). Are you planning a simple border on Four Square? I know how much you LOVE borders!!!

Don't feel bad about your stash---I find myself in the same boat WAY too often. I have LOTS of FQ's, and half-yards, and other "small" scraps, but not many 1.5+ yards, which are needed for sashing, borders and backing.

So---ALMOST two flimsies ready for that HQ16 :0) Nice!