Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Workshop Day

I'm off to a workshop tomorrow that the school was kind enough to arrange for me and a math teacher. It is a difficult time to be out, but I am still looking forward to the change of scenery and chance to learn something new.
Kurt has been out of town all week and has just gotten back in time for me to leave in the morning. It is a two hour drive, so it will be very early out for me. No quilting at all this week, alas. With Kurt gone it is always difficult to find time, but there have been evening things and I had to get a sitter last night to go to a meeting about the kids new school in the fall.


Lori said...

Change of scenery can be good! Hope you enjoy your workshop!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Yeah--I changed my plans for this weekend so I could actually get some quilting in. I need a weekend home; no travel!

So, Cooperative Learning workshop (or just a graphic you picked)? I use CL almost daily....definitely in my Algebra class. Great method, but still has its cons (ie: students too immature to really grasp the importance of working with others)

Happy almost Friday