Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back into Bs

 Sydney wanted to go with me to the Eduquilters meeting yesterday. There was going to be a trunk show by an art quilter followed by a chance to work on the comfort quilts for QAKH (quilters against kids hunger) in the afternoon.  Sydney had Girl Scouts first, but Kurt brought her to the meeting when she was done.  She was really enjoying the trunk show, commenting on each of the pieces and having lots of fun.  Then when the quilting started, she was having a blast.  She kept telling me how much fun she was having.  This is the first quilt she made, I tried to help, but she kept telling me she wanted to do it all by herself.  She lost interest about halfway through the second quilt, so I helped her finish that one up before we called it a day.  It makes me so happy that Sydney is enjoying quilting so much.  I've already started working on the next generation of quilters. 
This morning I got up bright and early to finish sewing the RRCB blocks together.  Now it just needs borders and backing and eventually binding.  Why do those blasted B's always get me bogged down?  Glad I can leave out the basting part though, that does help with getting to the end of the process. 


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

OH! So many lovelies in this post!

Yay Sydney! Must be the "2nd child" thing, because Caitlyn is also my lover of helping/learning to quilt.

Oooo........RRCB is getting SO CLOSE! I really like the choice of colors you used!

Lynne said...

Congratulations Sydney - well done!

When I first came to quilting (early 2010) I noticed that nearly everything started with "b" and that "basting" seems to be everyone's least favourite!

Ellen said...

Sydney looks adorable and very happy! Love the RRCB top - the colours look great - very calming. I am hoping to get a quilt frame someday so that I can omit the basting "B" too.