Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tiny Tuesday - Arabic Lattice

I am trying hard to do one block every Tuesday at the very least to stay caught up with the Midget Sampler Quilt. Like anything else, its all about getting into the habit.  This one is called Arabic Lattice.  Whenever I looked ahead through the blocks I dreaded doing this one because it looked ugly and awkward and the pattern asked for templates and hand piecing. 

Of course, like anything else, once I actually started working on it, it wasn't as bad as all the anticipation.  The middle of each square is a four patch with one inch squares.  I cut out freezer paper templates for the triangle sections and then used a partial seam on the machine.  So simple in the end.  I still think it is an ugly block, but at least it is a finished ugly block. 
On a much prettier topic, check out the fabric that I picked up last time I was in Atlanta to see Mom! She took me to a quilt shop called A Scarlet Thread. It was a HUGE quilt shop with a great selection of reproduction fabrics.  My favorites are the little hedgehogs on the end.  I don't think it is proper depression era fabric, but I had to have it anyway. 
The school weeks have been nonstop hectic,  things are in full swing academically and evenings have been scattered with training sessions and such.  Last night was the first Academic Team match and that was a lot of fun.  Our team was the most enthusiastic and had the most members.  I'm still getting to know every bodies strengths, but they seem like a great group of kids. 


Lynne said...

You seem to have settled into full swing in the academic year.

That block is, well, interesting, and beautifully made.

Quilter Kathy said...

This is a very cool block...I've never seen anything like it!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh Angela---you put me to shame! :0(

And....LOVE the glasses!!! They are "YOU"

Vicki said...

This block looks great. I have made several blocks in the quilt I am working on and went, HUH???
This is pretty cool looking. We are getting into the school year and so far so good. :)

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Great block! Great colours too - love your new fabrics and I agree - hedgehogs seriously cute!

June said...

Yes Arabic Lattice is different. I have made a quilt using it, check it out on my blog - junezscrapz.blogspot.com - I enjoy the content of your blog but cannot linger - astigmatism makes it so difficult to read white on black but the colours look gorgeous!!

jillquilts said...

Great block!! Love those fabrics!